I am oh so tired today think it is time for a nap


What a day it has been not because I have been busy or anything but becasue staying awake has been difficult yeah I am tired and yes I did sleep pretty good but I am not feeling the best today. Last night I started to feel achy all over and this morning from the time I woke up I have been aching all over from the top of my head to the tips of my toes ache.  I really do feel like going back to bed and I think after I write and post this I  might do just that go back to bed for a nap.

At least I don’t have to go out today, although Kathy and the girls are coming over for a visit sometime this afternoon and Natasha and Blain are suppose to be coming over as well. If she asks if Blain can stay tonight I think we will be saying no as I am just not feeling well enough.
 I love my grandkids but today I am really not up to dealing with them so I hope she understands.
This year we are not doing anything much for Easter we usually either go over to my parents place for Sunday lunch or I have Sunday lunch here but as I said  am not feeling well so we are doing nothing.

Anyway I am just letting everyone know I am still here, although the fact that I may have visisted you and left a comment on your blog this morning would tell you that, I have managed to read and comment on something like 40 blogs this morning…………..now I am done for the day and thinking about a nap.

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