Getting Dressed and Outfits………………..


How long does it take you to get dressed when you are going out is it the same has how long it takes you to get dressed……….you may think the two are the same but for me it’s not I can be dressed and out the door within 15minutes but of a Friday when I go out I get up at 7.30am and I am ready to leave by 8.30am. This is because on Friday’s I take my time getting ready and also have times when I can’t decide what to wear, or I end up finding that what I thought I would wear makes me look fat even if I wore the same outfit only a week or so before………or sometimes what happens is that I pick an outfit based on what I expect the weather to be only to find out that it either hotter or colder then I thought it would be.

Do you wear the same outfit two days running or are you like me and that is something you rarely do. I will wear the same clothes a second day but only if on the first day I had only wore the clothes for an hour or so.

My mum often wears the same outfit two days in a row and there have been times when I  have thought why? She has plenty of clothes so there is no reason to do so, Tim is also the same he will wear the same clothes two or even three days in a row but with Tim it is even more yuck since he works up a sweat and should never wear the same clothes for more then one day.


One exception would me the outfit I wore Friday for 2 hours and again today all day, this is a photo of what I was wearing……………You will notice that I suck at taking my own photo……



6 thoughts on “Getting Dressed and Outfits………………..

    1. If I was drinking something of a morning I would also be a bit slow…….or what I am drinking would go cold because I would had forgotten about it.
      Did I pull off the orange?

  1. Looks like you have fun with picture taking, like I do 🙂
    I can’t imagine wearing the same gear twice in a row, but I have been known to wear on Friday, what I wore Monday – at work. I don’t have that many clothes and I get really tired of ‘getting ready’ – by which I mean heels, make up, tight skirt… sighhhhh (it’s tight not because of fashion but because I’ve put on weight!)

    1. Nice to hear I am not the only one not to wear the same outfit twice…….I am a short fat middle aged woman and sometimes find outfits to look terrible on me………

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