This is my type or is it you tell me………………….


I saw this on another bloggers blog and thought I would go and see what my type was and here is my result. So I wonder if others think this sounds like me, do I think it sounds like me well yes I do…………………



51% Caregiver

A Caregiver is someone who lives to give and needs to be useful.

16% Intellectual

If you’re an Intellectual, you’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom.

13% Fashionista

Innately stylish and drawn to beauty, the Fashionista makes an effort to look her best and isn’t afraid to let the world know she tries.

So does anyone think this sounds like me? I think it does as I know I am a carer I care about my family and many other people I am connected to it is just part of me. I take after my mother in that regard she is a carer.





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