Tour Guide/Lisa


During our China trip we had two tour guides the first was a woman named Lisa, she was a nice lady talked a lot but that was part of her job even though there was this one man who made stupid smart ass comments about how much she talked.

During the 4 days with her we learnt that she was married with a 12yr old daughter and that she lived in the suburbs of Beijing in a two bedroom apartment but pretty much everyone lives in an apartment except the rich who can afford to live in a house.

She was concerned about me trying to walk suggesting that I stay in the bus or wait in a coffee shop but what she didn’t think to do was contact her bosses and get them to pass on to the next tour guide that there was a disabled woman on the tour and to see what could be done to make things easier for me. That said she did what she could to make things easier for me arranging for me to be picked up and dropped of close to the bus when possible.


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