Tour Guide/Kevin


After taking the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai we were met by another tour guide this time it was a man named Kevin he was nice he took my small suitcase for me as we headed to the bus. The following day we headed for a canal tour but we were told that we had a short walk from the bus to the boat maybe 10 minutes.

Well silly me thought I would be ok to walk that far, well was I wrong I got about half way there and couldn’t go any further, I sat down and started to cry from the pain and feeling useless. I told Tim to go ahead and I would make my way back to the bus but of course Tim would not leave me. We slowly made our way back to the bus and when everyone else turned up Tim had a talk to Kevin and yes Tim was mad because he doesn’t like to see me upset.

After talking to Tim, Kevin said he would arrange for a wheelchair to be on the bus for me for the next two days, it cost us $20 for each day but it made it so much easier for me.

We learnt over time that Kevin was married with a daughter and he drove a Ford and that he was 40yrs old.


9 thoughts on “Tour Guide/Kevin

  1. So glad you were able to get the chair to be able to see what the others were seeing. I am in the same position and usually just don’t participate. Go glad you are enjoying your adventure!

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