China/Pearls & Sore Feet


Our first night in China was spent on a rock hard bed that was like sleeping on the ground, we where up and dressed in fresh clothes by 6.30am, we go down for breakfast which was only so so not a lot there that appealed to me.

After breakfast we headed downstairs to meet the tour guide a lovely lady named Lisa, we then went to a pearl factory to learn about pearls and to buy some if we wished, I did not wish. I found it hard to stand and a nice Chinese gentleman found me a chair.

My feet where swollen and sore, I had chosen to wear by grey shoes as I thought they would be good for walking, I was wrong.


2 thoughts on “China/Pearls & Sore Feet

  1. Shoes can be a big thing to us these days, especially on the longer walks. And with the “nice” shoes that ladies have to wear, it’s twice as bad. And a rock hard bed is no good at all.

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