Texting or Ringing

Can you remember when we used mobile phones to make phone calls? I do I can remember when this thing called texting was all new and it wasn’t all that popular, now days we send so many text messages. In fact some of the text messages I have sent are bloody long indeed, I know that it is called a “sms” short message service but hell my texts are often anything but short………………..lol

When I send a text I don’t shorten my words or use just the letters of the words as pictured above, well not very often I don’t just use “k” instead of “ok” I can’t see the point and yes I do get that it is all about using as few characters as possible but for some reason I am not worried about that.


So do you send a lot of text messages or, do you prefer to ring and speak to a person, I find if I am watching tv or using the computer I prefer to send a message over making a phone call.

What do you think of the above list of abbreviations? Me I think they are funny and think it would be cool if they were used.

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