My last few days and a birthday in the family

Good afternoon everyone, yes I am here, I have not dropped dead or found myself in hospital although I can understand if you thought there was something wrong since I have not been here writing a post in days. I had planned to write one yesterday but just never got around to it, so here I am writing this on a Monday afternoon.

Well let’s go back in time a little and I mean a little till 1am Friday morning I got up to go to the toilet and while I was in the bathroom Kelli knocks on the door and wants me to go into her room and look at Daemon


So I did and he sounds terrible, he was coughing and having trouble breathing after a few minutes I said to her “get dressed we are going to the hospital” I went in got dressed told Tim we were taking Daemon to the John Hunter (hospital) and we left. We arrived at the hospital around 2am and we didn’t leave till 6.45am, anyway Daemon has croup, now days the give the child 5mls of Prednisone and watch them for 4 hours and if the child has improved they send you home and tell you to follow up with your GP in 2 days’ time, so he took him back to the doctors today at 11am, he has been put on prednisone again for another 3 days as he still has the cough mostly at night but that is usually when croup rears its ugly head.

In fact Friday night his mother went out for her birthday, she turned 20 on Friday and had planned to go out for the night with her cousin Jessica (my daughter) and a friend named Jordan and even though Daemon was sick and she thought about cancelling she went because I made her…………lol

I told her that he would be fine and I would ring her if he was bad and needed to go to the JHH again.

Turned out he slept fine Friday night, and was ok Saturday & Sunday but let’s move onto Saturday I had a birthday lunch her for Kelli. I invited her parents and brother Vaughan and sister Heather along with my daughters and her grandparents, as it turned out because Daemon was contagious Kathy & Summer didn’t come and neither did Sandra & her girls or my dad but there was 9 adults here and Blain & Leo as well and Kelli seemed to have a good time. She was surprised that her parents and siblings came or that I invited them not sure which, Kelli has told me that she had not had a lot of good birthdays and I wanted to make this one a special one for her.

Saturday night Kathy rang me and said that she would be sending Summer to Michaels mother’s house every Wednesday while she is at work because I am too busy to watch her and she doesn’t think it is right that I get Kelli to watch her while I drive Leo to school or go and pick Leo up from school. She went on and one about how busy I am and how I don’t have time for her or her girls because I am always busy helping Jessica with Leo that I ended up breaking down and was sobbing because I was so upset. In the end Leo took the phone off me and talked to her before giving it to papa, I could hear Leo asking his way she made nanny cry. I getting upset caused both Kelli and Jes to get angry with Kathy and Jes took it upon herself to send Kathy a couple of texts about it what was said is between them.

Anyway Kathy came out here yesterday to talk to me yes Jenny (Michael’s mum) will have Summer every Wednesday but I will watch her each Tuesday morning while Kathy takes Sydney to swimming lessons and I will also watch her on Saturday’s while Kathy does her grocery shopping this is ok with me and I am happy now.

The way Kathy talked on Saturday night I felt like I had failed her again as a mother and that was why I was crying so much, while I was upset Daemon went and brought me his Micky Mouse and Leo gave me his Spiderman and Big Bird to hold to comfort me and help me calm down. They were both so cute both upset to see me crying, really the best medicine when one is upset is the love and compassion of a small child.

So Sunday turned out a good day I got to see my granddaughters and despite what Kathy seems to think at times I do love to see them but no I don’t got to them very often at all because I am so busy I don’t usually have the time to just drive over there on the off chance they will be home to pop in to see them. This annoys Kathy because Jenny will just drive over to see them at times, however, as I said to Kathy Jenny doesn’t have any other grandchildren living around her to have to help with her other two grandchildren live in Queensland.

Well I want to get this posted before Kelli gets back from dropping Leo at school and we have to go out to do some shopping so that is all for this post.


10 thoughts on “My last few days and a birthday in the family

  1. I am glad he is doing fine and yes I also agree you are indeed being pulled here and there. Take a deep breath – make your favorite beverage (mine being tea) and sit down and relax with a good book, a good movie or just “being” in Gods presence, whether it be out in the great outdoors or curled up in a front of fire. Blessings !

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