Do you remember when television was first invented, no not that old, ok how about when colour tv first came to Australia, what still not that old. Well I am I do remember when colour tv first came out here in Australia in fact my parents were the first people in the street to get a colour tv. I remember the neighbour kids thought we were rich or something since when they first came out here they cost a pretty penny indeed, my uncle John said to dad that he should had waited a year or two as the price would come down, dad told him he didn’t want to wait he wanted a colour television now not in two years’ time.

The television we had was a large one, the biggest screen you could get at the time and it was decorative and not just a plan old box, when digital television came out my parents were pretty quick to snap one up, it was a high definition (HD) digital tv at that, even though there was like next to nothing shown in HD dad still wanted one. He has always been one to want the latest and the best.

My parents still have a HD television, be it now a flat screen tv, because that is all the rage now, I am surprised that dad doesn’t want a 3D television since they are the latest thing on the market, he must be getting old…………………….lol

7 thoughts on “Television

    1. We have only had what you call cable here in Australia for 20 years so growing up there was only ever 2 channels then it moved to 5 channels and now we have a bloody lot more and still there are times when there is nothing to watch…………

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