Facebook, love it, hate it, don’t understand it, come on do tell what are your thoughts about it.

Do you have a Facebook account? If so how often do you go onto it?

Do you play games on Facebook?

Now I have a Facebook account and I check in with Facebook once or twice a day but I do not play games on it because hell I have a life and do not have time to sit around playing games on the computer.

I think Facebook is great, and like it and I get it but I can also tell you that Tim tried it out, he had Jessica set up an account for him and he didn’t get it. He asked me what it was all about and what was the point.  My answer, there is no real point to it, it is a way to connect with family and friends who you may not see all the time but really in my opinion it is just a way for many young people to waste time.

My niece said she thinks of Facebook as a place where people either brag or vent and share photos of their family, which is pretty accurate.. I share a lot of photos of my family and Facebook and I steal a lot of photos of my family from other family members Facebook pages.

I do think people need to be careful when sharing things on Facebook, many young people are not careful and will post photos of themselves that really they shouldn’t be, photos that are not flattering and make them look, slutty, trashy, or really dumb.

15 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. I love wit and that 10 things is witty. FB, yes. Status updates, no. Keep in contact with people who one doesn’t see often. Yes. Share photos and play games, no. FB has its purpose, but keep it to a minimum.

  2. Hi Joanne, I have a FB account. I have been able to connect with High School Classmates, fellow soldiers, old friends, establish new friendships, and keep up with current news. I do not participate in any games. It is a waste of time. Good read. Blessings.

  3. I do not like FB. The only reason I have an account is because our book club decided it would be the best way to keep in touch rather than email. It was great for several months because no one could find me, but then folks started finding me, and I’m not a mean person…I don’t want to ignore friend requests. UGH!

    What makes me sick are the men on there who I know are cheating on their wives are constantly posting Bible verses. Really? :/

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