Baby Showers

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my niece Kirsty, it was held at her sister’s place and it was nice, there was a good turn out and I had a good time and everything.

However, this made me think about when I had my girls, not once did I have a baby shower, it just really wasn’t heard of much back then.

So I am asking everyone today when you were having your children did you have a baby shower?

Do you think it is something that has become more common in the last dozen years or so, do you like baby showers, do you go to many?

I go to everyone I have been invited too, but there are times when it is hard to know what to buy as a gift since at times I have very little amount of money to spend.


9 thoughts on “Baby Showers

  1. I didn’t have one either and the last one I went to gave me such a shock. I gave one present and everyone else gave the mother-to-be lots of presents!

  2. I know I had a baby shower with the first, although I cant remember if I did with the second.
    Love the cake, very pretty

  3. Yes. Baby showers are a big deal here in the Southern United States, and have been for as long as I can remember. But it’s considered tacky to have another one after your second unless the baby is a different sex from the first one. I did host a party for a friend when she was expecting her third son, but there were no gifts involved, just a celebration.

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