Koombahla Nursing Home


As everyone knows my grandmother is in a nursing home and I go with my mum to visit her every Wednesday the place she is in is called Koombahla it is local takes us only 10 minutes to drive there which is great. The name Koombahla is Aboriginal and means “gum trees” not that there are any gum trees around the place well not that I have noticed.

The place is nice it doesn’t smell well generally it doesn’t smell there have been a couple of visits that we have noticed a smell. The rooms are either single rooms or double rooms Nan was in a room with a woman named Shirley but since Shirley passed away over the weekend and they have asked if it would be alright to move Nan to another room so a married couple could have her room. They want to move her into a room with a lady they know is quiet since Nan doesn’t deal well with people who are loud.

The only problem mum has with them moving Nan is that she is worried that Pop who passed away 4th November 2012 will not know where Nan is, yes I know some of you may think this is strange but my granddaughter Sydney-May and my niece Temika both have said they have seen Pop in Nans room since he passed away.  I told mum he will follow her to the new room and we will know since Temika looks for him at each visit.



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