Thank You Diana and a little about my niece Heather

I want to say a big thank you to Diana from: for picking me for her Friday Picks.


Now that is done I want to chat about something a little more important what can be more important you wonder……well I will tell you……………my niece Heather who is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mother to her 3 children, annouced today on Facebook that she is now officially engaged. Sometimes I forget that Heather & Paul are not married as they have been together for so long.

Heather was not always the best child but she has grown into a lovely woman, but hell many people give their parents headaches and cause them a fair amount of worry but if the child grows into someone you are truly proud of then you know you have done good.

Heather is one of those people I think she knows that her Aunty Jo is proud of the woman she has become and her mother my sister Sue is also proud of her, even when they are fighting…….lol

Heather comes across to me as a woman who can stand on her own two feet, and support and care for her children and takes responsabilty for her own mistakes.


8 thoughts on “Thank You Diana and a little about my niece Heather

  1. My eldest son was like that. He was a headache to me from the time he reached his ninth birthday. I began to wonder if he would ever reach adulthood. Then at 17 he decided to clean up his act and entered the military. He knew I had witnessed the horrors of the men returning from Vietnam and realized he could turn to me when he returned which started the healing of our relationship. Today he is happily married with two gorgeous children and tells everyone that his mother is his best friend. I feel the same about him. Becoming a dad he realized the problems we had was from how much I loved him and was hurting from watching his choices. Isn’t it great when they grow up and become the adults you knew in your heart they were meant to be.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how they can grow up and turn out great I think it goes hand in hand with having great parents or maybe not so great parents. Meaning you either think I want to be just like my parent of there is no bloody way I am going to turn out like my parents either way us parents play some kind of role……………lol

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