Just another Monday

Well here we are at another Monday, so since I don’t post over the weekend Monday’s post is just letting you know what happened over the weekend. So what happened, nothing much, I spent a lot of the time sleeping. Yeah I just didn’t feel 100%, very tired and just not right can’t put my finger on what was wrong, I found myself needed to go back to bed a few hours after I got up on both Saturday and Sunday.

In fact Saturday saw me go to bed for the night at 5.30pm in the afternoon, I was watching telly with Tim and found myself falling asleep so decided to go to bed because I am not like some people (Tim) and just allow myself to fall asleep in front of the telly. If I find my eyes closing I take myself off to bed.

Sunday wasn’t much better at 10 am I went back to bed for a couple of hours please note I get up at 5am each morning so at 10am I had been up for 5 hours and done an hour of exercise on my Wi Fit as I do each morning. I didn’t go to bed too early around 7.30pm which is about average for me I am a early to bed person.

It rained all weekend so all the laundry went into the dryer and Kathy even came over to use the dryer to just finish her clothes off she needed to make sure Sydney-May’s school clothes were dried ready for school today.

It is not raining today but there is a brisk wind which makes wearing shorts leaving your legs cold so I am wearing light weight long pants today with socks because my feet felt cold without the socks.

So that is my weekend, today is the start of another week and as usual I hope it will be a good week not hot, not cold and not too wet, although before I go I will mention on Friday it pissed down rain most of the day and I got pretty wet when I got home getting the shopping out of the car.


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