In the news today

Ok today we have some things I saw on Sunrise this morning, first up there was talk about how the little green and red men at traffic lights you know what I mean you cross when the little man goes from red to green well they are now going to change some lights from little men to little women in skirts, why, really why I don’t understand why councils or government or who ever it is who has decided to do that would waste money changing the lights to me it is just a huge waste of money.

I think most people would feel living in a gated community would be pretty safe they are protect from the bad guys but on the news this morning a man was killed by his brother so when the bad guy is your brother you are not so safe.

A Melbourne mother has spoken out after she and her infant baby were told to leave a city bowling alley because the venue was serving alcohol, she wanted to catch up with friends and thought Strike Bowling would be a better place to take her infant daughter than the pub.

We could have taken her to the pub, ironically that would have been legal, but I thought a less suitable environment to have a three-month-old baby in,” she said.

So the new mum and her family joined a group of friends at the bowling alley in central Melbourne on Friday night. But the fun lasted just half an hour after the group was evicted under liquor licensing laws when the venue started serving alcohol at 8pm.

The reason for the law being in existence is to prevent minors from purchasing alcohol,”

Clearly there’s no chance a three-month-old would be drinking anything other than milk.”Strike Bowling bans anyone under 18 from the premises once the bar opens, which is designed “to offer a protected and safe experience”, according to company policy.

Strike Bowling did refund the family’s game and has invited them back to bowl free of charge, I don’t know if I would be going back any time soon if it was me.


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