Good Afternoon, it’s hot enough to fry and egg or melt ones brain


Good afternoon all, what a hot day we have had here, stinking bloody hot it is at the moment 3.50pm and the temp is 33°c or 91.4°f just had to drive down to the shop and the temp outside according to the thermometer in the car was 44°c or 111.2°f.

This morning Tim and I went to Harvey Norman ( a large electrical store) and I bought myself a tablet with one of the gift cards mum & dad gave me for Christmas now I just have to play with it a bit once it is fully charged.

I had a nap again today and again I woke up with a headache this is the third day in a row I have had a nap and the third day in a row that I have woken up with a headache, what the hell is with that.


Tim is off work for the next three days including today but he is working NYE and New Year Day Jessica told me she will be working NYE too so I will have Leo that night. Natasha called in to drop of her washing which I will do, but not to tomorrow morning as it is too hot at the moment to be outside hanging washing on the line.

Jessica has been here since around 1ish as it is too hot at her place, Tim is going to go with her tomorrow to buy an air conditioner and he is going to install it for her, she is getting a window unit. She is now heading home as she said it has cooled down a tad and she wants to open her house up in order for it cool down.

This morning when I was at mums my sister Sandra asked if I had any idea what happened to her Christmas present from me as she can’t find it and has been wanting to wear the shirt I gave her. Dad was complaining that he was cold this morning and wanted the air conditioner turned down which annoyed mum as it was just going to get hotter not colder during the day.

Well that is all I have today I think my brain has decided that thinking is to painful and doesn’t like me trying to get it to work.


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