It is another stinking hot day here, just saying


Well here I am on this stinking hot Thursday afternoon, writing some kind of blog post, I am not going to have a nap today as the last few days I would wake up with a headache after my nap so I will give it a miss and see how that goes.

My armchair/recliner had pretty much died, a few weeks back the foot rest stopped closing so I just left it up. Well today like an hour ago the foot rest on one side broke so it doesn’t want to move which makes it difficult to get out of the chair. Of course being short and fat doesn’t help, Tim said he will have a look at the chair soonish. We have had the lounge suite for 15 years at least so it has had a lot of use.

I did my grocery shopping online again this week and again Kathy-Lee will pick it up from the Coles near her home and bring it here and unpack it for me.


Jessica and Leo have been here most of the day, Tim and Jessica went and bought an air con for her house but Tim wasn’t able to fit it today he needs something I don’t know what but something so I guess he will try and do it tomorrow morning.

Jessica is going to give me a keyboard I can use with the new tablet although I might have one in the linen press I should have a look and see. It would make it a lot easier for me to write on the tablet if I can hook one up to it.

You know what I have been doing yesterday and today, downloading music to a flash drive to use in the car, I figured out how to do it on my own, Jessica was going to do it but she was taking so long that I asked for the flash drive back and decided to give it a try myself and I have done it, I am pleased with myself and yeah I know not a big deal but I know bugga all about computers and downloading stuff.


Sandra found her Christmas gift from me she asked her daughter Temika who will be 7 in just over a week, and she knew where it was, so Sandy was happy.

I should have a better post in the next day or so


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