Changing rooms, turning 54 and cooking my own birthday lunch

Good afternoon all, it has been another hot day here the day started out cool and ended up pretty damn hot.

Mum and I went to see nan this morning she has been moved to a different room and is now in a room on her own, it is a double room but she has no room mate and this mean Perla has a bed to sleep in while she is there over night. The reason she was moved is because they still think she is at the end of her life and will not be with us much longer, but then a week ago they didn’t think she would survive the night and she is still hanging in there. The room nan is now in is the room she was in when she first went into this nursing home.

While there staff came in to change her position in bed and we were chatting about how we like the nursing home and how when my great-aunt was in a different nursing home we found that place terrible as it stunk all the time and we would usually take aunt outside to visit with her because of the smell and one of the staff members said her mother is a nursing home at Mount Hutton and that is what it is like there, she was shocked at the state of the home and the smell, working in a nursing home like the one nan is in she didn’t realise how bad some are. The home nan is in doesn’t smell at all.

It was 54 years ago today that I came into the world, weighing only 4lb 2oz and look at me now, I am one of those people who loves her birthday it means I have been around for another year and I have no problem telling people how old I am.

My nan always would say she only felt 21 still and wouldn’t tell you how old she was, I never got what the big deal was about saying how old she was but for many years I had no idea how old she was.

So far the only present I have received was a pair of sunglasses that cost $10, I know how much they were because I was the one who pointed them out to Tim.

On Sunday I am going to have a baked lunch here for my birthday, I was going to have lasagne and chips or baked spuds only the frozen type of baked spuds but Tim went on about how he doesn’t like lasagne and wanted a proper baked lunch, of course it is me who has to spend the morning in the kitchen cooking. Kathy said she would make me a cake as I said I was going to just buy myself a birthday cake.

Sandra was upset when she heard I was cooking myself a baked lunch for my birthday so I am also going over to my parents place on Saturday for lunch mum is doing something for me so I guess it is all good I will get to birthday lunches.

I have received many birthday wishes today and thank all who have wished me a Happy Birthday.

This afternoon I have Leo till his mum gets here and Blain has gone to his mates place for a while and I was suppose to drive him home around 7.30pm but when I was coming home from getting Leo I realised I do not have enough fuel to get to Natasha’s place and home again and I have no money for fuel, in fact I will not have enough fuel to get Leo to school in the morning the first thing I will have to do is go get fuel in the car in the morning before taking Leo to school but after Tim gives me money for fuel.


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