Just a little update


Good morning everyone, it is morning here, may not be morning where you are but that is ok. It has been a couple of bloody hot days here with today suppose to be another hot day anyway, we will see.

Yesterday I went to my parents place for my birthday lunch my brother did his version of KFC style chicken with is home-made fried rice and a bloody nice Oreo cheesecake, damn my brother is a good cook.


Moving on, we all know that death is something that comes to all of us, we may try and prepare ourselves for the death of a loved one but still when it happens it can come as a shock to those who loved the person.

Yesterday morning at 4.42 mum got a phone call from Uncle Frank telling her that their mother my nanna had passed away, this was distressing for mum she knew it was coming but it was still naturally upsetting and distressing for mum.

Mum rang me at 9.30 to tell me that nanna had passed away, and it upset me, like mum I knew it was coming but still it upset me, maybe not as much as it would have if it had come out of the blue.


I will miss my nanna so much my and I will have to find something else to do on Wednesday we might go visit my Aunty Pat a bit more often and we will also go to the cemetery to visit nan and pop. I expect pop asked nan what took her so long to join him as he passed away 6 years ago and nan is only now joining him.

Not much of a post today I know but such is life



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