Ok this is one long ass post with me doing a bit of bitching about things

Good morning all, how is everyone on this fine Saturday morning I didn’t do five things for Friday yesterday because well I forgot.

My Friday was about as busy as always, although I did have to drive Blain to school and then come home and wait for the tow truck to pick up Jessica’s car.

Yes My Blain stayed Thursday night his mum said she wouldn’t have a car to get him to school and his school is near my house so he stayed here.

Jessica’s car well it was backfiring and stalling a lot on Monday night she drove it to her sisters place in the afternoon and when it came time to leave it backfired and stalled three times before she even got out of the street so she decided to drive it back here and stay here the night and Tim booked it into Gaspower to have it looked at.

Now because it was backfiring and stalling all the time and in fact on the 1k trip from Natasha’s to here it backfired and stalled 6 times, neither Jessica or myself wanted to drive the car to Gaspower which is about a 3k trip. So we told Tim we didn’t want to drive it and he got all pissy over it and thought we were babies.

Anyway I left it said nothing for a day then told him I thought we should have the car towed to Gaspower through the NRMA (National Roads & Motorists Association) we pay into the NRMA roadside assist so the tow cost nothing. When I brought up having it towed he was like that is a good idea, it may be too dangerous to drive the car.

Yeah Tim what changed, oh I know you want to work bitched about how your wife and daughter were babies for not wanting to drive the car and someone said they thought it might be dangerous to drive it and so you changed your mind I know you my love…………….lol

So Jessica’s car is now running ok and it only cost her $450 all up to get the backfiring to stop and of course this happened at rego time so all up again to get her car registered again it cost her $1,500. This is the third year in a row that she has had to fork out that much money to keep the car on the road.

Tim is off work today and at last going to have his eyesight checked not because anything is wrong but because at our age we should have it checked every 2 years.

Oh yeah my mum is at last on antibiotics and starting to sound a little better but she still has a ways to go before she is well it has been like a week and half that she has been sick and this is not like mum, she doesn’t get sick this is the sickest we have seen her in like 6years I think.

Despite being really sick she has been still getting up and driving grandchildren to school and daycare and going to the shops to get things she needs and then going home and back to bed. I could go mad at her but let’s be honest I would do the same.

I could have a bitch about Jessica and how she isn’t on top of things happening at Leo’s school, like the fact that there is this big school spectacular happening next Thursday night and when I asked her if Leo was in it and if so what did he have to wear.

Well she had no idea; yes he is in it and has to dress up like a bikie in black jeans, back shirt, black shoes or boats, sunglasses and a bandana for his head. So now I have to find him the right clothes and shoes his school shoes are black so he can wear them and I have jeans in his drawer and I should be able to find him a black shirt. I did tell Jessica to look for his black boots and all she could say is I don’t know where they are and in the end she made me so frustrated just talking to her about this. I feel like she is the mother she is the one who should be all over this but no it falls to me, just like his homework is all up to me. I love her but at times she makes me want to scream and yes Jessica I know you don’t like me talking about you on my blog but it is my blog and I will if I want to…………so there…………

Sorry this has ended up a long ass post, with a lot of bitching from me.


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