High Heel Shoe, Love Them, Can’t Wear Them

When I was younger I loved to wear high heeled shoes, in fact I was wearing them only 2yrs ago without any problem now I am not talking about stilettos but high heeled shoes. The shoes had 3-3 ½ inch wedge heels on them and I loved them.

Now though this last year I have found it difficult to wear the shoes they feel ok on but after 45-60 minutes I feel like my ankle or knee is going to give out on me and I will fall over. In fact I have fallen over a couple of times wearing them, it is like my ankle and knee are not stable enough for me to wear the shoes.

When I wear them I always take a spare pair of shoes that are semi flat meaning they have a slight heel, I can’t wear flat shoes they make my legs ache something fierce.

I feel that I may have to accept that my high heel wearing days are over because it is not a nice feeling to feel like your ankle is going to give out on you causing you to fall over.

Anyone else have this problem?

Is it just part of getting older, or is just me?

My mum used to wear heels all the time too but hasn’t worn them much in the last 15-20 years, she told me she gave up wearing them altogether after her last fall when she broke her shoulder that was in 98.

I am so like my mum I feel it is bloody lucky that I haven’t had more falls and suffered any breaks although unlike my mum I have taken calcium tablets for the last 10 years to help keep my bones strong.

The pictured shoes are not my shoes found the pictures on the internet, but my shoes are the same just different colours.


7 thoughts on “High Heel Shoe, Love Them, Can’t Wear Them

  1. Jo-Anne, heels are bad for you! They did my knees in because wearing heels shortens your hamstrings, weaken your muscles. After years of specific exercises to stretch my hamstrings and strengthen my muscles to support my knees, I’m doing way better.
    Diana xo

  2. Mom used to be a stewardess for United in the 60s and those shoes were HIGH! 🙂 She still has a pair of boots from that time and I can’t even get to the mailbox in them. Instead of high-heels, I work on having good posture. That looked better than a limping Paige. 😀
    Have a great weekend, Joanne!

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