No Point in Arguing So Why Bother

As everyone knows Tim and I have been married for 29yrs in all that time you could count the amount of fights we have had on one hand this is because my mum always taught us that you cannot argue with someone who is drunk, or who is convinced they are right, so why bother just let them think what they want especially if they are angry or in a mood. You can try to put your point across if they are in a calm and open mood where they are willing to listen, if not just let them be, yes there are exceptions to the rule but often I find it just not worth the energy to argue the point.

I don’t remember my parents fighting much when I was a child, sometimes dad would fly off the handle at something, and dad has a short temper. When it happened mum would just let dad go she didn’t yell back or anything she just let him have his moment and when he was calmer she would talk to him. We all have memories of dad going off his head at something and we all had moments when we copped a smack, usually because we had pushed him too far and deserved it. After getting really angry with us, dad would wait a while and come and have a chat with us to make sure we were still friends.

Tim was the same I can remember him going in and having a chat with the girls after he had done his block with them over something, I think it is good that a parent goes and speaks to a child when they are much calmer.

So here is the thing, do you think arguing with a person who is either drunk or in the frame of mind that they don’t want to listen to reason is worthwhile?

After losing it with a child do you go and talk to them when all has calmed down?


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