I Love my girls all the same and differently at the same time.

Good morning world, the day started out ok, got up went for a walk came home got Leo’s lunch packed and then got him ready for school and then I had to drive him to school. While I was waiting for the bell to ring at the school I noticed a message from my precious daughter asking if I was awake, she had sent it while I was out walking and didn’t notice until then anyway I replied she wanted to tell me something that was on her mind so I said I would ring her when she got home which I did.

She wanted to tell me she didn’t need me anymore, she said that I am always so busy with helping her sister and driving Leo to and from school and when I am at home I am busy on the computer blogging and whatever. This hurt my feelings I didn’t know what to say so all I said was that it was kind of good as that meant she was becoming more self-sufficient but It did hurt my feelings, I don’t know why I am surprised or hurt she has always been the daughter who acted like she didn’t need me, even when she was a very young girl.

I have always felt that nothing I have done was good enough for her not matter how much attention I tried to give her it wasn’t enough but you know what this is not going to change anything I am still going to be there whenever I can, I will still watch my grandchild whenever I can. Why because I am mum and it is my job to be there for my daughters as much as possible.

Yes I like that they are becoming more self-sufficient and more grown up, but I also like to feel needed but at the same time I have a life that is not always about them like most mothers I try to do it all and like most mothers I fail at times.

I know my girls love me just like I love them, I have a different relationship with each daughter and they are all special and unique and I try to treat them each the same and differently at the same time no it isn’t always easy but I do try because I love them all so much.

I consider my niece Kelli one of my girls and in fact we are both very much alike so she is like a daughter.

5 thoughts on “I Love my girls all the same and differently at the same time.

  1. Hugs to you Joanne! Who knows why she said what she said. I know that relationships with our families are always evolving and sometimes what we say in a moment bears little weight in the grand scheme of things. Like just before my daughter moved in with her dad, she said to me that she just wanted to live with a ‘real family’ – I was hurt, but as a single mom, I somehow knew she meant a place with a mom and a dad and brothers and sisters…
    Diana xo

    1. Yes I know that she says these things but she really doesn’t mean to hurt my feelings and I know she does need me, hell I watched the girls for her yesterday afternoon while she went out to the shops. She needs me still just maybe a little less than before, which is ok

  2. Daughters hurt their mom’s feelings all the time. We’re all guilty of it. She will probably call you soon needing you, you just wait!

    I’m an only child, so it’s hard for me to understand sibling rivalry. But as a mom I understand exactly what you mean….you love your children where they are. Both of my girls are very different and require different things from me.

    Very thought-provoking post.


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