Saturday and we have a post

Well got up at what I thought was 7.30am but around 9am I realised that daylight savings had ended. This means it was 6.30 when I got up.

Felt like I did a bit today after days feeling like I did nothing, 2 load of washing, did the dishes and also the weekly medications. May not sound like much but for me it was.

Woke at 6.04 laid there for a few then got up,went to pee and ring Tasha.

I sorted out Easter gifts for the girls and Leo, gave Blain money yesterday.

Summer loved the bunny ear rings I gave her.

Tim getting the after hours doctor out as he is sick with the flu, yes he is at work but will get the doc out when he gets home.

I managed to sleep in till 6.30, I got up peed in a bottle, no a ice cream container in the toilet yes. If I tried to pee in a sample bottle it would be shaken all over the bathroom…

After that Tasha helped me dress and took me to have blood taken. I had a fasting test.

Tim off work for the rest of the week.

Around 11ish Sandra rang to say that the doctor told her to contact her siblings to say our goodbyes. Jess drove me down to the hospital, Tim is too sick to go.

Tasha went to see her Nan as did Kathy. At one point there was 10 visitors 7 more then we were told she could have.

After I got home Sandy rang to let me know Mum had deteriorated rapidly,thankfully her conditioned stabilised,for a bit.

However she rang again at 5pm to let me know Mum isn’t expected to survive the night.

Woke at 6.30, no phone call about Mum, I guess that’s good.

Around 9.40 Tasha drove me too see Mum, Sandra was in the carpark making phone calls, she said the doctor had just told them that Mum has days at best. However, she looked and sounded good.

Mum said that she will see,she isn’t ready to die.

Tim went and saw our GP who prescribed antibiotics.

Woke up coughing, something shocking. No way I can go see Mum.

Rang Sandy she said Mum has been moved to a single room and that Dave, Leigh and her spent last night with Mum,there was a few close calls last night. They think she will pass today some time.

Tasha came and showered me ready to go out tomorrow.

No more news about Mum.


Woke at 5.30 so got up and had a wash and breakfast. At 8am I got ready to go shopping,Jess forgot but when Tim rang her she got up and we left.

It was bloody great going shopping, don’t need to go every week but once a month would be nice.

No change in Mum’s condition.

I bought Tim a new thermal undershirt and of course he doesn’t want it, so going to get Tasha to return it.


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