Christmas Week

Woke when Tim’s alarm went of and I needed to be, also it was 6.30. Tasha came down at 7am and got me set up for the day.

Had Daemon & Leo running in and out of the house, he stayed over night at Jess’s place.

Spoke to Mum she was all over the place, not making a lot of sense.

Woke at 6.30 had to pee so got straight up.

Going to be another cool and wet day

Tasha went to Charlie and came home in a right pissed off mood.

Had a visit from Kelli & Freya, she told me that Sue is heading to QLD, I said I hope the boarder is open when she gets there.

Only had a short 20 minute chat to mum.

Tim cut my hair

Awake and up at 6am in for another warm day, hope it’s not to sticky.

Workmen came and fixed the back sliding doors.

At around 2ish Leo came down in a state he couldn’t find the bunnies. After a frantic search of the complex and surrounding streets Natasha found them in the house.

Leo was surprised that so many people started looking for them.

Mum was all over the place this afternoon.

Up at 6am, opened the house and started to get breakfast stuff out when Tasha arrived with “Nick’s” (a neighbour) laundry yes she uses a my washing machine to do someone else’s laundry do I care, nope.

Leo has been approved for NDIS funding, this is great news.

Mum was again rambling about nothing but sounded more like herself.

Jono’s birthday he liked the shirt but it is far too small for him. Jess said it looks more like a woman’s size. I will be complaining.

Had a not so great night, I was so tired last night that instead of listening to my book I fell straight to sleep. At around 11pm I woke and was restless for the next few hours. So I guess it is not a surprise that I slept in till 6.40am.

It’s Christmas Eve and I am not excited or anything.

Mum was sounding ok when we spoke

Christmas Day has arrived with a little pop no bang here. It is a cold wet start to the day.

Jess & Leo came and fetched Tim &i to go to their house anw watch Leo open presents.

Dave & Leigh picked me up and took me to Mum’s, I had a goodish day nothing bad happened just felt different. Sandy drove me home.

Dawson gave me a terrific storage set for the kitchen.

Had a sleep in woke at 6.40am and got up opened the house and made my own breakfast.

Kathy rang she will be here around 11.30, so no morning shower today.

So Tasha came and dressed me.

All the girls will be here for lunch.

Jess tried to order KFC online but wouldn’t go through so they went in to order and get it.

Lunch was good, I liked having them all here. No fights or arguments.


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