Then and Now

Hello world here I am on a fine but cool Monday weather wise, I was thinking the other day how Tim and I have changed when it comes to the weather.

In our younger days I would feel the cold more then Tim now in our 50’s it is the other way around I am often hot when Tim is complaining how cold it is.

When we first married Tim would usually sit up till between 12-1am and I would be in bed by 9.30pm. Now I am in bed by 7.30pm, Tim tries to stay up later but usually falls asleep in front of the TV. I don’t get that if you are starting to nod off get up and go to bed.

When I was younger I didn’t get people needing to have a nap, now days I have to have a lay down each afternoon because if I don’t I find myself feeling sick and shaking more then normal.


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