Good morning a coolish day in my opinion although Natasha & Tim think it’s cold.

Do you eat lollies?

Do you have a favourite lolly?

I do both eat them and have a favourite, I like spearmint leaves and fruit sticks. However, the spearmint leaves I like are the ones you always bought years ago, many of the ones you buy now days are not as nice. In fact the only store that sell the ones I like is Woolworths.

musk sticks

Fruit sticks are like musk sticks but are in many different flavours they are hard to find, they are sold at Kmart & Target stores I rarely go to.


As a child I used to like fags and cobbers both of which you don’t see now days.



2 thoughts on “Lollies

  1. Oh, my…they look very good. I like mint and strawberry ones, although I am trying to stay away from them as much as possible but makes me want to have them when I look at them like this…😶

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