Christmas Cards


Let’s talk about cards…………Christmas card in particular

Do you send them? Or not so much, or not at all.

Do you like to receive them? Or maybe you think they are a waste of time and just something else you need to toss in the bin.

Maybe you prefer Ecards that you can look at and forget about.

I am sure it comes as no surprise that I send Christmas cards and Ecards and I love receiving them and have them displayed on my wall. They help decorate the house.

I don’t remember when I started sending out Christmas cards been doing it for so long, my mum always sent out cards and I can remember as a child all the cards we received hanging in the lounge room.

Like my mum I also send cards to the my doctors surgery and my chemist, places I visit a bloody lot during the year. This habit she picked up from her mother.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. I used to send them out, especially when my kids were little so I could send out pictures of them, but I found Christmas was getting too stressful, so some things had to go. That was one of them. It definitely lightened my load, but since I don’t send them out any more, I don’t get many either. Like you, I used to hang them up as decoration. So I do miss that part.

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