Thank Yous I Received

Today I am just going to share the few messages Mr Claus has received in the last week, the first one is from Michelle (Landon’s mum)

Thank you Mrs Claus for my book and we all thank you for the card


Then I received this one from my niece Kirsty.

Hi Aunty Jo. Your ‘baubles’ and book arrived today. Thank you so so much! We read volume 1 every night, Kelsi absolutely loves it she will be so excited to read volume 2 tonight! I was just saying to Jacob you are like the nan of the grand kids, I know you are aunty but you are so thoughtful to all the grandkids! I really appreciate all the time effort and love you out into it all so thanks so much for being u! We love you lots from Queensland! Xx

Then last night I received this one from my sister Sandra

Hey sis huge thank you for my Xmas pressie the gift card and card Xmas card in mail today and Mrs gift for girls….love you sis wanted to hug n kiss u this morning but u not at brekkie.


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