Counting Down To Christmas or Just Sunday Morning at my Place


Well Christmas is in a weeks time, yeah I know some of you are thinking what already, others are thinking it will be glad when its over, some are thinking both things. I am thinking I wish it would last a bit longer then it does, but also will be glad when the day is done with as you all saw on yesterdays posts my dinning room table is covered in presents so no room to sit and eat there which is ok only eat there on the weekend when the girls are here.

The next time will be Christmas Eve when all the girls and Michael will be here for tea, it is a new family tradition that I will have tea here Christmas Eve for the girls and grandchildren as they all have their own families and things they want to do Christmas Day. Kathy-Lee has Michael’s family to see on Christmas Day not sure what the other two are doing, they can come to my parents place if they want to but I am not expecting it.

We had Leo here last night and Jess said not to take him home too early she wants a sleep in, I said now school holidays are here she should get a few more sleep ins, she nope, Leo gets up way too early so I said maybe during the holidays I might be able to have him an extra night here and there so she can have a sleep in.

Although no one took my children so I could have a sleep in, ok that is not 100% true there were the odd time when Tim would get up with the girls and let me sleep in a bit but didn’t happen very often and there were times he would watch them while I went and had a nap in the afternoon again not often but it did happen.

I don’t know why but this morning I have been thinking about how as parents and friends we will at times listen to someone bitch, moan and groan about their partner, spouse, boy/girlfriend this happens from time to time with my girls, siblings or mum. I don’t mind listening when they need to vent but what I do that some people do not do is accept that just because someone is venting to me doesn’t mean the person they are going on about is a bad person. I will not think badly of the person, it will not change how I feel about them, I do not necessary side with one over the other that is not why I am being bitched to, I will say things like “I understand” or “ I get that” and I usually do get it but just because I understand why you are bitching and venting about what your other half did doesn’t mean I will decided the other person is a bad person. That is just me.

Well now Tim is up and in his office and Leo is still asleep on the lounge the house is still quiet as I have not turned the telly on yet, have no need for it on and it will only disturb Leo and I don’t want that yet. He will wake up in time.


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