Well hello everyone the few weeks we will be looking at some clever creatures starting with the magnetic termite.

The Magnetic Termite can be found in the Northern Territory, they build moulds that are cleverly designed to help them survive all kinds of weather, including floods.

These moulds are twice the size of a human and they’re built in flat shapes along as axis that helps them avoid the full force of the sun.

Magnetic Termite Mounds are exclusive to Northern Territory and named due to the wedge-shaped aligned with its main axis running north and south. Therefore, mounds are mysteriously aligned to the earth’s magnetic field

“Perhaps most exciting of all — the mounds are extremely old up to 4,000 years, similar to the ages of the pyramids.” The mounds are largely hidden from view in the fully deciduous, semiarid, thorny-scrub caatinga forests unique to northeastern Brazil.

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