Monday Stuff and I Still Have A Headache

Do you ever want to go and correct someone’s mistakes in their blog post such as when someone uses the small i instead of the capital I it just bugs the hell out of me. 

I haven’t checked my emails since Wednesday and had like 500 to sort through, I didn’t have the time and good enough internet to check the emails while away so they built up but I have gone through them and now I am writing a post for the day.

We had Leo here last night, we had only been home about an hour when Jessica rang wanting to know if we would have Leo I told her to ask her dad and he said yes if it was ok with me and I said yes if it was ok with him so he stayed last night.

Yesterday evening Tim found the tent he had in the shed and set it up to see what it looked like and how big it was and Leo was so excited about it and wanted to sleep in it last night but we said no that wasn’t happening, however next time we go away in the caravan we might take the tent with us and Leo and his mum can sleep in the tent and we will set it up next to the caravan Leo is so excited about that and wants to know when can we go away again. Papa told him it would be a month or so before we can go away again.

I am still in a lot of pain with my neck and head and the pain relief are making me so bloody tired that I have been having a nap during the day. The headache this morning is terrible again.

Oh yeah Tim told me last night he started work at 9am this morning and I was sitting here checking my emails and notice the time it was 8.55am and said to Tim what time did you say you started work he said 8.57, I replied well it is 8.55 now, bloody hell he says and it was a mad rush to get a shirt and his wallet and rush out to get in the car to go to work, it is a 15 minute drive to work from here so safe to say he was going to be late.

I have no idea what time Jessica will be here to get Leo but it is now 10.30am and no sign of her, I know I will have him tomorrow all day and Thursday all day and I think Friday all day as Jessica will be at Tafe and that is ok, although I think I might see if his Aunty Kathy will come out and watch him Friday morning although I will also have Blain on each day this week as he comes back from his fathers today sometime.


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