My hand and Tim’s Computer

Hello all been a few days since I last posted since getting home on Tuesday I have been busy as with one thing or another, but here we are at Friday afternoon and I am going to do a quick post to let all know I am still around and not sick or anything like that.

Yesterday I went to see the specialist about my shaking and balance problems again, not happy. He said it is a functional tremor caused by stress and said all I can really do is try and learn to live with it and try relaxation methods to help ease it. Yes when I am really upset and the hand/arm is shaking a lot breathing and focus on my breathing does help settle it down a little but doesn’t stop it also does nothing to stop the balance problems. He said he would have a chat with the movement disorder people and see if they agree with him. I do not have to go back as he said there is no point. So I left somewhat upset, I mentioned that even when I went away on holiday and had no stress at all the shaking and balance problems were still there he couldn’t say why that is other then I might need to be away from the source of the stress for a long period of time but that isn’t practical and he knew that.

Let us go back to Wednesday on the Tuesday night Tim found his new computer laying face down on the floor, he was not happy and when he asked both Blain and Leo about it both denied knowing anything about hit of course they were lying one had to know what happened it didn’t move it’s self to the floor.

So both boys ended up getting into trouble that afternoon Blain wasn’t allowed to use his Xbox and they both had to sit in the bedroom doing nothing till one of them admitted to touching it. Well Leo admitted when we came home from school so Blain still had no Xbox but I allowed both boys to play out the back yard. However, Leo is not allowed to stay here tonight as way of punishment for touching it and lying about it to start with.

So I was happy when Jessica rang me this afternoon to tell me she would pick Leo up from school, this meant I didn’t have to deal with him as he would be in a mood because I got him and not bringing him back here for the night.

Also he has a communication book that is to be filled in each morning with information like if he has had a good morning and has had his medication, well when we went to Tassie I left the book on my computer desk, so I sent Jessica a message about it telling her to pick it up and fill it in each day, well when I got home it was exactly where I left it. I was not happy.

Ok that is it from me for this post, over the weekend I have a lot of letters to answer so that is what I will be doing although I am doing lunch here on Sunday for Michael’s birthday he is 30, his birthday was when we were in Tassie.

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