Indestructible Creatures/Peacock Shrimp


Good morning Tuesday, suppose to be a lovely Tuesday as well not as hot today with a temp of only 27°c much cooler then the last few days.

This morning on waking my first thought was “what a stupid dream” if only I could remember what was so stupid.

Anyway being Tuesday means it is Indestructible Creature day, today’s creature is the Peacock Mantis Shrimp, it’s technical name is Odontodactylus scyllarus, now us Aussies say prawn not shrimp but anyway let’s move on.

This little creature is a colourful creature and if you came across it while diving you might think “how pretty” but then it might whack you with its mindbogglingly fast punching fists, yeah you read that right, it punches.

It has two incredibly hard, tough, club like weapons which it keeps tucked up under its body, when it needs to smash through the shell of a snail, crab or clam to eat the soft body inside it flicks them forward with the force of a bullet.

What’s most amazing is that the prawn can use its clubs thousands of times without damaging them, it leaves a trail of smashed up lobsters and seashells but its clubs stay strong and undamaged. Scientists have studied them and found that the clubs are made up of layers of minerals, some hard and some more flexible.

It ranges in size from 3 to 18cm in length, they are primarily green in colour with orange legs and leopard like spots.

peacock shrimp


Did you know No:11

1000 facts

Good morning Monday, I have given myself a shake (easy when you have a tremor) and a mental slap and told myself that in order to not get too busy and forget to do a post, I have to do a post before I read other blogs, so that is the plan from this day forward. Forward not back because I cannot go backwards, trust me if you saw me trying to walk backwards you would crack up, just saying.

Anyway since it is Monday that means it is Did you know day, so here are today’s useless facts.

Joseph Haydn’s Toy Symphony contains parts for actual toys to play, how they play I do not know

The first living creature to orbit the Earth was a Husky named Laika, she was sent into space by Russia in 1957 aboard Sputnik 11

You can’t buy chewing gum at Disney World

In one morning back in 1996, Bill Gates mad

e 2 billion dollars, what the hell………………….

In 1997 he made around $12 every second of the day……….(bastard)

Since 1984 I have made $0 each and every day, although till around 2009 I was working long days into the night, taking care of my husband and children and grandsons, since 2009 I have slowed down but I still do all the housework, shopping and still take Leo to and from school more or less like when I say all I mean 99% of the time, Tim does do things at times but I do not expect him to do stuff that is my job.

Pissed Off

Well here I am on this lovely, soon to be hot Sunday morning writing a post, the last few days have seen me up and down health wise but I think I have at last turned the corner and will soon be back to my normal self, which is good as I am over not feeling that good.

We had Leo here yesterday and last night while his mum was working, she was doing a wine tour and asked if she could have the night without him so she could have a sleep in this morning and of course I said that would be ok.

Anyway yesterday saw me have a blow up at Tim, I asked him if while he was out could he pick up some toilet paper, I showed him what I wanted in the catalogue and told him which one it was also and still he bought the wrong stuff which annoyed me.

I was speaking to him about getting the wrong stuff and his attitude just made me more pissed off and when he told me to just get over it, I lost it and yelled NO I will stay as mad and pissed off for as long as I feel like.

Then he had to go over to Jessica’s place to check on something for her and snapped at me something about me going to Jessica’s and I just looked at him and turned to get my thongs on and he snapped he would go.

By the time he got home I was in a better mood and attempted to apologise for my blow up but he was still pissed off and didn’t want to listen and I ended up telling him to do what he told me to do and just build a bridge and get over it. After a while he did get over it.

I do not like to be told at times to get over it, it makes me feel like I am being treated like a child and not allowed to be mad or in a mood, damn I am 55 years old and can be in a bad mood if I want too.

Oh my head……………

shartted glass

Hello everyone, how is everyone?

I am so so, yesterday after going to the doctor I became unwell with a migraine so unwell that I had Natasha pick Leo up from school while I went to bed for a bit.

Before that we had a man come to replace the rollers on the sliding door, while doing that he had to use a drill and hit the glass and it shattered so had to have someone come out to replace the glass in the door.

I was really unwell, my head hurt a lot and I had a fever and all in all felt like shit, than at 1pm Natasha gets a phone call from the high school Blain was sick and they wanted her to go get him. So she had to get Leo out early as she didn’t know how sick Blain was and thought she might have to take him home and put him to bed.

kool and sothe

I slept for two & half hours before getting up and having a bath at 7pm I was back in bed again, I used Kool & Soothe to help with the headache and this morning I was feeling better, not great but better not so much like death warmed up.

Leo was great very concerned with nanna’s health, told me not to do anything to call him and he would do things for me.

I didn’t go to my aqua class as I just didn’t feel up to it this morning.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more like myself.

My Easter

Well hello everyone, this Easter Monday with one thing after another I have hardly sat at my computer so no blogging for a week but things should now return to normal. Last week saw me going to Kmart on Wednesday to get Easter Eggs for the grandchildren but not for my daughters which somewhat annoyed Jessica but told her she is too old for Easter Eggs from mummy & daddy so to suck it up and deal.

Now on Good Friday we do not eat meat here in this house same goes for my parents house but this was a shock for my grandchildren they acted like they would starve but I said there is many other things one can eat that isn’t meat. I don’t eat seafood so I had chips and eggs for lunch and banana bread for breakfast, fruit for tea.

Saturday saw two out of three daughters turn up for a baked lunch, Jessica wasn’t able to come as she had to work so we had Leo from 7am till when she arrived to get him around 4.30pm. Although for a change Michael came as well for lunch. We did all the baked veggies in the air fryer and for a change Tim did all the cooking and did an ok job but the spuds were undercooked.

3am yesterday morning saw our clocks go back an hour marking the end of daylight savings for a few months, of course we turned the clocks back before we went to bed and had Jessica turn the clocks in the lounge room back before she left. Why Jessica well she is the tallest in the family and thus she is better able to reach the clocks, yes she is a tad taller then her dad.

I did mange to write 7 letters to different pen pals yesterday still have two to do but I am happy that I got so many done.

School resumes tomorrow for two weeks then they break up for two weeks holidays before starting term 2 which is 10 weeks long, term 1 will be 11 weeks by the time school breaks up. 10 weeks is the normal length of a school term here this year.

Now we are in Autumn here but the last few days have been pretty bloody warm with temps in the low to mid 30’s again.

Ok that is all my news so I will post this now……………………….

Did you know No: 10

1000 facts

Hello blogland people, here I just after eating lunch writing today’s post. I went to my aqua class this morning and made a few phone calls after getting home now to write today’s did you know facts. But first I have to say I am somewhat nervous because this afternoon Leo is catching a bus with his friend Daniel back to Daniels house after school it is the first time he has done this and I can’t help but feel nervous.

The Pacific Ocean is very nearly as big as all the other oceans put together, it is home to the deepest places in the world.

The loneliest, most remote place in the world is in the Pacific Ocean at 47°30′ South – 120° West, this point is 2,575 kilometres from the nearest land.

Australian Ben Carlin is the only person to really drive around the world. His car turned into a boat and he completed the drive, including the Atlantic Ocean and all the other wet bits in 1958.

Approximately one in every ten people who ever lived are alive today

The most accurate clock in the world is made by Hewlett Packard in the U S A, it is accurate to within one second every 1.6 million years

Wet and Unwell and in Pain

Good morning world, yes it is morning here, be it a coolish, wet morning but still morning. My state has had some extremes weather wise, we had fires and then floods.

Many streets around here have been flooded which is the norm, certain suburbs such as Wallsend and Cardiff and of course Warners Bay are prone to flooding and flood they have. The school my niece goes to in Wallsend sent students home yesterday afternoon due to flooding.

The rain was so bad yesterday afternoon that I had Natasha pick Leo up from school so I could let Tim take the car to work, I didn’t want him to ride the motorbike in such bad weather. Although she was somewhat pissed off as they had her walking all over the school looking for him and ended up drenched, when she got back here she took her wet clothes off and tossed them into the dryer.

My special girl aka Jessica was in hospital all day yesterday she rang us at 3am and her dad drove her over to the hospital she was in a great deal of pain, after blood tests, chest Xray and an ultrasound she was told it was a flare up of pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, which can be either acute or chronic. Treatment options include fasting until the inflammation subsides, removing gallstones, abstaining from alcohol, medications and surgery.

Jessica had her gallbladder removed in 2015, so they are trying to find out what had caused this flare up, she needs to have an MRI done as well. She thought she was going to spend last night in the hospital but they sent her home at 6pm.

We didn’t tell Leo about her being at the hospital he would have worried and wanted to see her to see that she was ok, so we told him that she was having a long day at work and when she got home she just wanted to have a bath and go to bed, which was why he had to stay here last night.

I hope today isn’t as wet and Jessica isn’t in pain……………………………