Two more sleeps till home

Ok two more sleeps before I am home and able to have a hot bath and sleep in my own bed and even though I have loved the cruise I am looking forward to my own bed and a hot bath. I am also missing my girls and grandchildren, I have bought them all a gifts and hope I have not forgotten anyone.

I think we are all looking forward to returning home my brother and sister in-law will be picking us up again and Dave said they will be leaving very early to get down here as near the terminal there is some disable parking spots and they would like to get one of them and as Dave said they can nap in the car while they wait for us better then paying over a $100 for parking.

For most of the cruise we have not felt the ship move much at all, well I have not although this afternoon while I was trying to have a nap I could feel it move and can while I am sitting here typing this and have to say it is kinda nice the gentle swaying of the ship.

This morning mum and I went and bought a few more things and put some money through the pokies didn’t win anything though. While at the casino Tim was with us and mum said to him was he going to put money through the pokies or stand around and annoy us, so he left to have a smoke and we didn’t see him again till lunch time.

After lunch I had a nap but didn’t sleep well I dozed on and off for a couple of hours give or take and woke the last time with a start after I heard someone walk into the cabin and come sit next to me on the bed and touch my hip, I opened my eyes expecting to see Tim but he wasn’t there and I called him but he wasn’t here at all.

I can tell we are getting closer to Sydney as the temperature is dropping and it is getting cooler although today outside it was nice mum and I sat out on a deck and watched the water, something both of us and well as dad find very relaxing.

Also when I went to the toilet earlier I had a woman as me if mum was my mum or Tim’s much she thought she was my mum as she said we looked alike but she had heard Tim call her mum as well so wasn’t sure. I said she is my mum but Tim has called her mum for over 30 odd years, she thought it was wonderful that he called her mum as well.

As mum said my dad called her mother mum as well but he called her dad by his given name Ron, dad like Tim was very close to his mother in-law.


Well here we after lunch on Tuesday afternoon, this morning Tim, dad & I all got off the ship and went ashore into Noumea mum stayed onboard as she didn’t feel up to getting off and it is a good thing she did as there is no way she would have managed the stairs on the bus that took us from the wharf to town. The stairs were narrow and steep and no bloody way mum would get up them or down them so she stayed on deck 5 and had a latte, I parked her in a corner and that is were she stayed, just joking, although she seated in a corner out of the sun and in a place where her walker was out of the way. She doesn’t sit on the walker but moves to chair at the table.

Tim was still ashore when we had lunch and came back to the cabin, dad left him there and came back on his own.

This morning I had to ask Tim to put my socks on for me as it was quicker then trying to do it myself and I commented that it was ridiculous that I had to get help to get them on and what does Tim say……………….. “it is ridiculous that you have allowed yourself to get like this” yes that is what he said and he didn’t get why I was upset with him because of it. I did NOT allow myself to get like this it just happened and I could have gotten my socks on but I am worried that the strain of doing so may cause the pain in my hip to return and I do not want that.

Note I can get my socks or stockings on myself just takes longer and is a bit of hard work to do so and yes I know I have become fat and all but I am working on changing that and I do not need comments like that.

You don’t tell someone who has say lung cancer that they allowed themselves to have get lung cancer because they smoked to me it is the same thing their actions may have been the cause of the cancer, my actions may be the cause of my problems but still not a nice thing to say. I KNOW he LOVES me but still not a nice thing to say or hear.

While ashore I bought a few things mum wanted me to get for her and a couple of things I wanted and now I am looking forward to going home, having a hot bath and sleeping in my own bed, just saying.

Port Villa

Hello everyone here I am sitting in my cabin after lunch and before a nap telling you all that I am exhausted this morning after breakfast we all went ashore at Port Villa to wonder around all the markets and there are a lot of markets.

Getting off the ship mum had to be pushed on her walker down the gangway and it was steep and I pushed her around the markets and let me tell you it was bloody hot and crowded most of the markets have pretty much the same stuff with slight differences in goods and price.

Tim bought himself a couple of more shirts an something for Sydney-May and Summer I bought myself a top and few other little things not sure who for yet, although Tim said he thinks we have enough I said no we don’t have anything for Kathy-Lee or Natasha yet but I will have a look at our next port of call which is Noumea and I know there are markets there as well.

When we got back to the ship before we boarded they were handing out wet face clothes and cups of water and yeah I wiped my face over didn’t care that it removed my make-up as I was that hot and when I got back to my cabin I notice my clothes were soaked with sweat so had to change all of them.

We then went to lunch and now are back in the cabin and after I write and post this I will be having a lay down as well.

While wandering around the markets another lady mentioned she pushes her mum around on her walker as well. Mum says she feels terrible that I am pushing her all over the place but I am not bothered at all I like being able to help mum out.

At lunch she hurt her knee while moving from the walker to a seat and was crying, I do not like to see my mum cry and knowing there is nothing I can do to help stop the pain is terrible.

We are only at Port a Villa for half a day and in fact should be under-way again soon as everyone had to be back on ship by 1.30pm and it is now 1.30pm.

Mother’s Day

So it is Mother’s Day as I start this while waiting for mum & dad to get ready to go to breakfast, Tim has gone to have a smoke and check out the docking of the ship we are at Luganville today not sure at this stage if me and mum and going ashore Tim will check it out and let us know if it is worthwhile doing so.

Yesterday I asked Tim if he would go to the casino and get me a couple of scratchies to give mum for Mother’s Day and he didn’t not happy Jan…………………….

Ok it is now after lunch and Tim has been ashore and returned with a heap of goodies, he did really good something for mum just a little mirror compact and both Tim and I ordered mum some roses for Mother’s Day which I hope and expect her to like I noticed they had been delivered when I returned her to her cabin.

Tim also bought me a lovely necklace for Mother’s Day which I really like and he bought a hat for Leo and a tee shirt for Blain and little doll keyrings for Sydney-May and Summer and of course a fridge magnet to add to my collection.

Damn my right hand is sore from pushing mum around on the walker it is my right hand I use to steer and manoeuvre the walker around.

I am not eating a great deal so hopefully I will not have gained weight when we return home, I guess only time will tell.

A few more cruise days

Here we are at another day what number day I cannot remember all the days are running together for me and mum, it has been a humid sticky day if one is outside which for the most part we (mum & I ) have not been.

This morning dad and Tim went ashore via a tender to check out Kiriwina Island but mum wasn’t able to board a tender because of her needing the walker to get around so we stayed onboard and had a chat and cuppa.

After lunch mum was exhausted and wanted a nap and I felt I could do with one as well so back to the cabin for a nap was what we did.

Tim while ashore got his camera wet and now it will not turn on and all he said was he was due for a new camera, yesterday when I left one of the two ways on a table and lost it he carried on a bit and made me cry, he got over it but I wasn’t happy with the way he carried on I didn’t lose it on purpose.

Last night we had pizza for tea which was dished out by the slice and what large slices they were and have to say not a bad pizza at that.

Ok today is Thursday we docked at Rabaul and both Tim & dad got off the ship for a look around, it was stinking bloody hot and not much to see near the ship. Tim went for a wander into town and he bought a baseball cap and a fridge magnet as he knows I like to collect fridge magnets from places we have visited.

Mum and I stayed on ship and sat by a window and could see dad and Tim get off and back on the ship, after lunch we went and had a rest.

Dad doesn’t sound good and I said I thought he needed to rest a bit and mum was super tired as when we are in port the shops onboard are closed as is the casino so to me it is a time to relax in the sun or in your cabin and watch some telly for a bit.

Mum didn’t bring a book to read so she has been on Facebook a fair bit and she has been having afternoon lay downs after lunch.

Ok it is now Friday evening been at sea all day, mum spent more money as did I just not as much as mum, we have just returned from dinner and I have just had my shower yes it is early but I will just relax a bit in the cabin before going to bed.

Cruising……………..what’s included

My eldest daughter was asking about cruising she wanted to know what was included in the cost and such so I am writing this for her.

I feel cruising is great value for money generally speaking, on board you don’t use cash to pay for stuff it gets charged to your cruise card and you settle your account at the end of the cruise.

What is included in the price of the cruise is accommodation, your meals and entertainment, there are movies shown each night and again during the day, not really old movies either but pretty recent movies on this cruise Tim has seen the movies, Passengers, Hidden Figures and Jurassic World. There are about 6 pools onboard and there are other shows on in the theatre each night and talks during the days, there is a casino onboard. You can fill your day with stuff or do nothing but lay by a pool soaking up the sun or you can read many people spend a lot of time reading onboard.

There is a TV in your cabin with TV shows and movies shown all the time, there are some bars opened 24 hours as well.

However, drinks are not included in the price so it is worth while investing in getting a drinks package, the all inclusive package is about $59-76 per day per person and it may seem a lot but when you take into account that cocktails up to the cost of $14 are included as well as beer, spirits and soft drinks, as well as coffee and hot chocolate it is good value. On our first cruise there wasn’t a drink package and we spent close to $1800 on drinks for the cruise. You can also get a soft drink package which is what Tim got for me for this cruise which is only between $7-9 per day and covers soft drinks, and mocktails, and coffees and hot chocolates. I strongly suggest if you are going on a cruise get a drinks package. You can drink as much as you wish if you have a drinks package, you are not limited to $59 or $76 worth of drinks it is as much as you wish to drink during the day.

There is plenty of food included, yes there are some speciality restaurants that cost extra but we don’t bother with them on this cruise the buffet is great we are all pleased with it and the variety of food available. There are also restaurants where you are seated and waited on, although Tim and dad prefer the buffet, mum and I like the idea of being waited on at the end of the day but we are compromising.

Most nights you dress casually although there are formal nights but we also don’t worry about those nights as getting dressed up isn’t something we can generally be bothered with.

Cruise Day 4 Sea Day

Here we are at the end of another day, today has been a sea day as will tomorrow be, this morning after breakfast we all went to the shops on deck five and mum & dad bought grog for Dave and Sandra and Tim bought 3 bottle of Vodka and I got one bottle of Southern Comfort all duty free and will be delivered to our cabin the night before we disembark.

Tim wondered through a shopping display and bought himself a watch and a couple of other things, then mum and I went to a talk about Papua New Guinea which was a little boring and I could tell mum wasn’t interested so we left and went to lunch.

After lunch we went back to the shops and mum bought a few more things for people I, however, have not bought anything yet then we sat and listen to some musicians for a bit but mum and I got a headache so we returned to our cabins.

I was writing a post about Brisbane when Tim turned up to change his clothes as he was getting hot.

Been and had dinner, it was formal night tonight and Tim looked really good he changed from his shorts to trousers, button up shirt and dinner jacket, he doesn’t often get dressed up and he did look nice, I changed from leggings into nice black slacks.

I just took my night time medication and one tablet got stuck in my throat and I coughed and coughed and managed to dislodge it and bring it up but now I am shaking and have broken out in a sweat.

Ok that is all for this post until tomorrow take care all and hope all are well………………………………