Last day in Qld

Here I am at the end of our last day in Queensland and yet again I am exhausted and my feet are very swollen and all I want to do is sleep which I will do soon. I have had a long shower and feel fresher but it doesn’t help my swollen feet.

I love Jessica but she has been giving me a headache recently with her complaining about stuff, her and Leo wanted to head home today but since we have paid for the night we are staying the night. We will leave early in the morning and Jessica wants to pack up a lot of stuff tonight that she can do if she wants to.

This morning we went back to Dreamworld so I could get some souvenirs then we went to Skypoint tower to check out the view and then back to the van to do nothing.


Australia Zoo & Dreamworld

Well been a couple of days since I last wrote, busy days, stinking bloody hot days but good days as well.

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Australia Zoo and I was able to hire a motorised scooter to get around the zoo and that was great, so much easier for me and also for Tim and Jessica. Although the fact that Tim woke us up at 6am was a bit much his phone didn’t reset for Queensland time and he thought it was 7am

Granted I was unable to go on the shuttle around the zoo but that was ok, I managed to see about 70% of the zoo then we broke for lunch and after lunch I suggested that the others take the shuttle to the other parts and I would go through the shops and just wait for them. So while they did that I waited in air conditioned comfort. Jessica was surprised that we spent 7hrs at the zoo.

Today saw us go to Dreamworld another long day we arrived around 10.30am but it was near 11am by the time we got in hired the wheelchair and set off. We left at 5pm when they were closing up, however, there was a part we didn’t get to, so Tim and I decided to go back tomorrow with Jessica & Leo of course.

Today is Leo’s birthday he is now 10yrs old and he seems to have had a good day and was excited with all his presents and he was somewhat spoilt, this whole trip was for his birthday, so both papa and I wanted him to have a good day.

Now I am going to post this and go and have a shower and freshen up before going to bed, last night I was so exhausted I didn’t have a shower just a wash in the van and Jessica went on and on about me not having one but I didn’t care, I was too exhausted to care.

Nearly time to leave but not just yet

Well it is the day before we leave for our holiday in Queensland and it’s been a somewhat busy day packing and going to the shops for a few things then heading over to pick up the caravan from mum & dads place.

Tim wanted to go out for lunch at the RSL club which we did, lunch was good we always like going to the Eastern Tiger for lunch.

What I notice was how bad Tim parked the car, he often complains about how I park the car and what made things worse was earlier this week I came home and people were parked in the visitors parking in such a manner that I found it hard to pull up right and thus had trouble parking and of course Tim was watching and commented that I suck at parking. I DO NOT.

Anyway while out today I notice on the three occasions that Tim parked what in my opinion was terrible, he wasn’t straight, not squarely in his lines and if I had parked like that he would of course made some comment about it but I said NOTHING.

He keeps going on about wanting to leave really early in the morning which is fine but does he have to tell me over and over, I get it that he wants to leave early stop going on about it.

A New Year & Getting Away

Well 2018 has arrived, yesterday, as today is the 2nd and after going to the doctor and taking Leo home I am now home for the day. I have nothing else planned for the day which is good, as everyone knows I like quiet days when I have little or nothing to do.

Yesterday I had Leo all day while his mum was working and even though she was back in Newie by 5pm she was tired and exhausted and just wanted to go home eat and go to bed. So when she explained that to Leo he told her he would stay here so she could go home and go to bed without having to worry about him.

We had him from around 3pm on New Years Eve as his mum had to get up early for work, yesterday while here he helped me clean the bath, the bathroom sink and the stove top, he also emptied 2 of the recycle bins. I had meant to get him to vacuum for me too but forgot. He likes to do things for me and often does little things without being asked.

After today Tim will be off work till the 11th or 12th can’t remember which, we are leaving on Friday for a short break away with Jessica & Leo we are taking the caravan and going to the Gold Coast, we are taking Leo to Australia Zoo and Dreamworld for his birthday which is on the 8th January he will be turning 10.

I would love to be able to go away with Natasha & Blain but Natasha can’t afford it and we can’t afford to pay for them, Jessica always pays for her and Leo when we go away. Wouldn’t mind one day going away with Kathy, Michael and the girls but not sure if Kathy & Michael would like to do that.

Both Tim and myself feel that holidays are much more fun when taken with other family members, when our girls were little we went away with my parents and Dave & Sandy who were young teenagers themselves.

Wait till your father gets home…………yes or no

Wait till your father gets home…………yes or no

Today let’s talk a little about punishment of children, on many tv shows when I was growing up you would usually hear the mother say the words “ wait till your father gets home”……………

These are words I never heard my mum say, if we were naughty she dealt with it, if we had to wait till dad got home we could have been waiting a few days, so mum thought it was better to deal with the issue when it happened.

Maybe this is why when my girls were little if they misbehaved I dealt with it, although Kathy has said she remembers me saying it but she is wrong. What I did say often when the girls were not paying attention to me was “either I can deal with this now or you can wait till dad gets home and let him deal with it”.

Of course with those options they would chose to let me deal with the issue because I didn’t go off my head like Tim would. I also would tell Tim about any issues when he got home and I would tell him that I had deal with it, sometimes he thought I was too soft and want to add more punishment but I would say that is undermining me and that would also piss me off when he would try and do it.

If the issue was a serious one I might say to the girls that I would have discuss with dad their punishment, this they didn’t like because Tim would go overboard in my opinion. Many times he would want to throw things in the bin because they wouldn’t clean their room, this I thought was overboard because if we tossed it we would only have to replace the items at a later date. I would confiscate things and they would have to earn them back.

On many occasions I would tell Tim his punishment didn’t match the crime, if fact I often said he was acting like they committed armed robbery when in fact they just didn’t pay for a lollipop but things are wrong both things are theft but you don’t toss someone in goal for pinching a lollipop. It any of that makes sense, it often didn’t to Tim.

Did I smack my girls, yes I did a firm smack on the bum wasn’t and isn’t abuse, also Kathy had a habit of kicking the bedroom wall when sent to her room and I would go in and smack her legs, once I didn’t hoping she would calm down and stop and she ended up kicking a hole in the wall, which made things worse when Tim found out.

The end is near


Well here we are at the end of 2017 only a day and a half till it is 2018, today is in some ways cooler then the last few days but it is really muggy due to the light rain we have had this morning. I don’t have the air con on as I know Tim will say there is no need for it to be on, if he was at work I would have it on but I will cope somehow.

I woke up with a headache this morning, well in fact I had it from around 9pm last night and yes I have taken something for it but I still have it .

Tim and I went out to Kmart this morning, I wanted another clothes hoist as when I do my laundry lately I prefer to hang the clothes on a clothes hoist instead of going outside and hanging it on the line, as hanging clothes on the line outside causes me a lot of pain but I do not like the idea of using a clothes dryer when the weather is good.

I also wanted some skin care items and some new ¾ pants, Tim of course had to say “don’t you have enough of those things” if I had enough I wouldn’t want more. I have 3 pairs of ¾ pants that have holes in them which is why I wanted new pants.

Also asked Tim to get some strong pain-relief tablets when he went to the chemist as from the 1st January you will need a script to get them I got some yesterday showing my licence and told Tim to get some showing his licence but what he got was cold and flu tablets, oh well he tried. He was surprised when they asked to see his licence, even though I had explained about showing his licence to him a couple of times and how we will now need to get a script but of course he doesn’t listen.

While at Kmart I found an item mum & dad have been looking for so I bought it for them, Tim of course was why are you getting that, I told him it was for mum and I know if I ask mum or dad will give me the $8 back but I don’t need the money back I bought it because I wanted to. Also I had a $50 gift card for Kmart so not like Tim had to give me money for the stuff I bought.

Tomorrow night I will have Leo here as his mum is working New Years Day and will have to be up early, so just easier for all if he is here from tomorrow night, I may also have him New Years Day night depending on when his mum will get home that day. She is taking some people down to the Domain in Sydney, she always said she wouldn’t do trips to Sydney but it is worth a couple of hundred dollars and she wants money for our holiday to Queensland in January.

My Christmas


Well Christmas is done and dusted for another year did everyone have a good day, I hope so……….


Christmas for me was pretty good, Christmas morning saw me up at 7.50am, Tim was already at work so I was alone, around 10ish I packed the car with gifts and went to my parents place for lunch.


It was a quiet Christmas lunch with only 6 of us there for lunch, although many people called in to see mum & dad or should that read nan & pop any way it was around 11ish when all the visitors had left and we could start preparing lunch.


I left and came home around 1.30pm and felt exhausted so decided to have a bath before having a lay down.


When Tim got home at around 7.30pm we exchanged gifts and then I went to bed as Boxing Day was going to be a big day and it was.


I had all the girls and grandchildren here for lunch yesterday (Boxing Day), I did a full baked lunch Kathy-Lee and Natasha helped me with the cooking which was nice and a big help.


I did get a lot of nice presents and felt loved and appreciated by all my family.