Did you know No:20


Hello everyone here I am on a cold Monday afternoon getting around to writing a post and I have some good news both my parents have been discharged from hospital, this is such good news for all of us.

So this Monday I am doing Did You Know Monday again, so here are this weeks facts that you may or may not already know.

Although the Angel Falls are much taller than the Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls are much wider which may be why they both pour about the dame amount of water over their edges about 2.8 billion litres every second.

The best cure for hiccups is breathing into a paper bag, this calms our diaphragm by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.

We have four tastes, the salt and sweet taste buds are at the tip of the tongue, bitter is at the base and sour is along the sides.

Argon is used to f ill the space in most light bulbs, neon is used in fluorescent signs. Fluorescent lights are filled with mercury gas.

Popeye originally got his strength from garlic not spinach


Now it’s dads turn

Guess what, yesterday morning my sister Sandra rings to let me know she had to ring the ambos for dad, he was having trouble breathing and wasn’t able to get out of bed yesterday morning and really didn’t feel good.

So now dad is in the John Hunter and mum is in the Mater just what we all needed, I think dad has pneumonia again, the last time mum was in hospital dad got sick and ended up in hospital with her.

Mum Update

After getting up this morning and throwing a load of washing on to wash I get a phone call from Sandra just as I was thinking of ringing the hospital myself for an update on mum. I have since gone and seen mum and now I am posting and updating everyone.

Well it turns out that mum had a bad night, she was throwing up during the night and this morning after having a little breakfast she threw up again. When I arrived at the hospital she was having another scan of some description, when dad and I went in to see her the nurse said if anyone was pregnant they shouldn’t visit her, as well as young children something to do with the radiation used for the scan.

She was in a chair when I got to see her but she was having trouble keeping her eyes open, I only stayed with her for 10 minutes but I felt better that I was able to see her.

Sometime today they will move her out of ICU to a ward, mum is still nagging the doctor about going home and he ended up telling her she may be able to go home at the weekend just to stop her asking all the time. It is highly unlikely she will be going home at the weekend as she is still very ill.

Dave said when she is moved to a ward he will try and get Dawson to go and visit her as he hasn’t seen her since she was taken away in a ambulance on Monday but he didn’t want to see her looking as sick as she did on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Dad is coping but he has had a bit of a cry and when he saw her today he hugged her and told her he needs her to get better and come home.

Mum’s health

Hello everyone, no post yesterday just couldn’t get motivated to write.

Monday afternoon around 3.30pm my sister Sandra rang to let me know she had to ring the ambos for mum as she was falling asleep had delirium again and really didn’t look good. After I spoke to her I went and had a bath, while in the bath I heard my phone ringing again so as soon as I got out I checked my phone and it was Sandy again. I rang her back and she answered but she didn’t speak to me I could hear her though and I heard words like resuscitate and how Sandy was feeling emotional being in “this room” I didn’t know what room was “this room” she then hung up on me and I waited a few minutes and rang back this time it went too voice mail and I left a message for her to ring back. She rings back and said Jo you need to come here NOW.

So I ring my daughter Natasha hoping she would be at her place and able to come get me, she was, however, I was a blubbering mess all she could understand was that something was wrong and I needed her. She was here in around 10 minutes, I was dressed and waiting at the top of the driveway for her.

After I rang Natasha I rang Tim and got his voice mail as he was driving a bus, I left a blubbering message and he rang me back just after we got to the hospital and Natasha spoke to him, he arranged for someone to relieve him and came to the hospital, I needed him. Jessica and Leo also turned up as did my niece Samantha, there was 11 of us at the hospital.

When I get to the hospital and get taken in to see mum and Sandra and Dave was there too, I fell apart just seeing her and how she looked and hearing the doctor ask if they should attempt to resuscitate her by shocking or jumping on her chest we said do whatever it takes mum would want everything done to keep her with us.

I didn’t want to leave her Monday night but by 9pm I was in a state myself and Sandra told me to come home and get some rest, she stayed till 2.30am going with her when she was transferred to the Mater hospital because the John Hunter hospital had no ICU beds.

When I got home Monday night I posted of Facebook asking for those who believe in the power of prayer to pray for her, and I would like too thank all who have done that. I started praying as soon as I heard the word resuscitate and I am still praying for her and the hospital staff taking care of her.

When we saw her yesterday morning she didn’t look any better but the ICU doctor told us she was improving but they have no idea what caused her condition in the first place. It was explained to us that on Monday night her organs where shutting down, her kidneys had stopped, her heart rate was only 30 beats per minute and her blood pressure was non existent it was so low. Mum was placed on a ventilator to take the pressure of her body and she has been sedated since Monday afternoon.

Although yesterday when we saw her she tried to open her eyes when she heard us talking to her, so she knows we are there with her. I will be going back over to see her later after Jessica gets Leo.

I just rang the ICU and they were taking the tubes out so she should be able to talk to us when we see her today.

The last few days

Good morning world, I have turned the corner and at least I feel a tad better still got a ways to go before I am 100% at the moment I am more like 50% but that is an improvement on the weekend when I would say I felt more like25%. I spent most of Saturday in bed, yesterday I was able to get up and do lunch for the girls and I even went out with Jessica to Officeworks and then she had to go to work to hand in her paperwork from Saturdays run.

Jessica’s work van is off the road it wouldn’t start on Saturday and she had to ring her boss who came out at first they thought it was the battery but when he turned up he came to the conclusion it wasn’t the battery and she had to use a different van. So they have a week to get her van repaired before school goes back and she will need it again.

Also yesterday Jessica sold her car she is trying to raise money for dental work and since she only drives it occasionally and it had an oil leak that would set her back a fair bit to repair she decided to sell it instead of getting it repaired. She was upfront with the buyers and told them about the oil leak and how last year she had hit a roo and had to replace the front bumper.

So until she decides to get another car she will catch a bus, walk or borrow our car, in fact she wants to borrow our car this afternoon to take Leo and his friend Kaja out to play some kind of golf game at a place close to an hour away, I will take the car to her when Tim gets back with it after his morning run, he has a split shift today.

Damn it’s cold and a bit about health

Hello everyone, I am one sick person nothing serious just a head cold and generally feeling unwell. Yesterday Tim came home from work early as he was unwell but of course once he got home he was fine for the rest of the day.

Dad hasn’t been good very unsteady on his feet causing both mum & Sue some concerned especially when he goes and has a shower because he will not use the shower chair or the board that goes across the bath to sit on. Thankfully he hasn’t had any more falls.

Mum is still improving slowly too slowly for her and dad in fact dad has said a few times that he thought she would be getting around better than she is by now.

Looks like Sue is going to return to her own flat on Saturday for how long we don’t know it will depend on how well mum & dad cope without her. If they are fine then she will remain at her own place but has said if they need her to go back she will do so.

Damn it has been cold the last few days, it was only 5°c when Tim got up yesterday to go to work and this morning was suppose to be the same. Thankfully we have a heater here for me to use and our car has a working heater and Tim was able to drive the car to work yesterday and today as I have no need for it.

My knees are bad the last few days maybe the cold is causing the arthritis to be more painful, who knows I just know that I am fed up with the pain day in and day out.

Indestructible Creatures/Barnacles


Hello everyone, it is another bloody cold day here, no rain or wind just cold and yes I have the heater going.

This Tuesday I am going to tell you a little about a pretty indestructible creature and the creature is the Barnacle which I am pretty sure everyone has heard of.

Barnacles are the whitish hard, pointy lumps that you find encrusted all over seaside rocks, piers and underside of boats. They are related to crabs and lobsters but live in an almost indestructible shell that’s glues to a hard surface.

When underwater they open two door like things in its shell to reach out with its feathery feet to catch passing plankton and food scraps. When the tide is out or they feel threatened the close the doors and hide inside.

They are so rock hard you might think they are part of the rock they are attached to, the glue they use to stick to stuff is so strong that scientists are trying to copy the make up or recipe to make a new water resistant adhesive.

There are many species of barnacles, but only two are commonly eaten the gooseneck barnacle a tube like creature with very little shell, and the rock barnacle which is almost all shell.

Barnacles can cover a turtle to such an extent, that they can disable the flippers and cover the eyes and nostrils to such an extent, that the turtle is unable to swim, see, smell, or even survive.

barnacles turtle