No thorough wash this morning as Kathy is coming to shower me.

While eating breakfast Tasha rang and while chatting and eating a piece of croissant got stuck and I started to choke, so Tash came running by the time she got her I had managed to dislodge it but had gunk down my shirt.

Kathy showered me and did some ironing.

While eating some cheese and crackers for lunch I again had food get stuck resulting in coughing so much I wet myself and had to get Tasha to help as I was home alone.


I woke at 4.10 with a leg cramp so I got up went to pee returned to bed but wasn’t able to go back to sleep so at 4.25 I got up. I was shaking a bloody lot. Rang Tasha at 4.55, she arrived at 5.10am.

Leo came down at 8am to give me a hug and say goodbye to Papa as he left for work. He didn’t go home but went to his room and back to bed.

Jess turned up at 1.30 looking for Leo, he was in his room asleep still.

He came and asked me if he has school tomorrow told him no still another week off.


Awake at 4.20 again shaking from head to foot so I got up. Tim up at 5.15 he is doing day work for a change.

On the weekend Tim picked up from Mum’s a set of 5 plastic drawers that I wanted and today I started to transfer stuff from the small 2 drawer filing cabinet into it making it easier to find stuff. A big job for me who can only stand for a few mins at a time.

Tasha booked my appointment for the Covid jab, 6-10-21 at 8.15am.


Tim had an early start he was up at 4am and gone by 4.30,which is when I got up.

Feeling good this morning really with it.

Managed to finish emptying the filing cabinet now just have to wait to the weekend for Tim to move it out and the new drawers into place.


A late start as it was 5.20 when I woke up. Tasha was already here and starting my breakfast.

Tim got up and left for work shortly afterwards.

At around 11am I had another mini melt down this time as a blabbering idiot I recorded a message and posted it to the family chat and the Meadows chat.

This resulted in both Sandy & Sue turning up to check on me and both Jess and Kelli came to check on me. This made me feel good getting hugs from everyone, made me feel good and happy. They all stayed an hour and a half.

Tim arrived home during all this and was glad that so many came to check on me.


A new day and hopefully a better one. Another early start for Tim.

A very warm day sweating from head to foot, so bad I have to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom with my knickers and shorts around my knees in order to stand in front of a fan so I can dry of enough to pull them up. This is so upsetting and stressful for me.

Don’t think Leo will be here tonight as he went to Kelli’s yesterday.

I have felt ok today.


Awake at 3.25 to pee but wasn’t able to settle back down each time I started to doze off I would be awaken by a kookaburra so I got up at 4.25am.

David rang me to talk about me getting the Covid Vac, Leigh was with him and said I need to talk to my GP before I get it. I have an appointment on Tuesday to do that.

Tim had to cancel his appointment for his jab as he got stuck at work.



Forgiveness Is Divine

Patricia A. Fleming© Patricia A. Fleming More By Patricia A. Fleming

Published: July 2018

Some people view forgiveness
As a virtue for the weak.
An act of mercy undeserved,
That serves no useful need.

They stand firmly in their judgment
And won’t consider a mistake.
They prefer to hold a senseless grudge
Than accept amends when made.

They feel they have some godly right
To reject and criticize.
They’re possessed by righteous anger,
And consumed by pointless pride.

They’re focused on how they’ve been wronged,
And won’t be made the fool again.
So they feel they must avenge themselves
By refusing to give in.

They will sacrifice their family,
Or forsake a long-time friend.
Do anything they have to do
To be the winner in the end.

Or perhaps it’s that they can’t resolve
The depth of all their hurt,
Caused when someone they’ve trusted,
Left them questioning their worth.

But no matter why the struggle,
Out of pride or out of fear,
Not being able to forgive
Can cause the loss of ones most dear.

Yes, forgiveness is a virtue,
They even say it is divine.
But more than that it sets you free
From what weighs you down inside.

The best way to approach this life
Is to ask forgiveness and to forgive.
There’s a balance to this crazy world,
So live and just let live.



Good morning all, been up since 4.30am and it is now 9am and time to write about an extreme creatures and this week it is the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish.

The Loin’s Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world, it’s diameter of its body, or bell can be as long as a man and its tentacles can grow to the length of a cricket pitch. Not only is it truly enormous but it glows in the dark. They have a lifespan of only 12 months.

Not only do they have a nasty and painful sting but they can also sting after death.

Lacking brains, blood, or even hearts, jellyfish are pretty simple critters. They are composed of three layers: an outer layer, called the epidermis; a middle layer made of a thick, elastic, jelly-like substance called mesoglea; and an inner layer, called the gastrodermis.


Hello all, here we are at another week of school holidays which I am sure many parents are pleased about, as home school can be a headache. Since it is Monday that means it is facts day.

Kiwi birds are blind and hunt by smell

The Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish, lays up to five million eggs at one time

84,119,500 pound coins were made by the Royal Mint in the year 2000 alone.

In the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, a young actor named Joe Sowerbutts provided the voice of Harry Potter when the voice of Daniel Radcliff started to break.

Over the last 150 years the average height of people in industrialised nations increased by 10cm’s or 4in


Saturday and on my own as in no help with breakfast but I have decided to wait till Tim gets up to get dress, so I can have some help.

Getting the shopping delivered this morning as the cost of delivery has come down to $4. It use to be between $9-$15.

Sandra came over to pick up some stuff, it was good to see her. While she was here Leo came down to ask about his eye which was red and causing discomfort Sandy said it looked like pink eye. I reported this to his mum and said he may need to see a Dr.


While getting my breaky and fruit this morning Tasha was unable to find the Blackberries. I said that I didn’t see them yesterday morning so she went on about Leo eating them. I thought she was wrong, turns out she was right. I went and checked Leo’s room and the empty container was there.

Wrote 4 letters, so all caught up now only need to print them and of course send them off.


Up at 5am washed & dressed eating breaky and starting my day..

Jess had me ring Smith Street Medical to get an appointment for Leo as his eye is very red and inflamed.

He had appointment and was prescribed cream for his eye.

A very warm day.


Had a decent night but I was also in tears at one point, I am not ashamed to say my bladder control isn’t good and I wear what amounts to an adult nappy at night. Last night I got up and and was trying to go to the toilet when I tripped and wet myself. I asked Jess to come and help me but the way she sounded made me cry and told her to leave me alone, which she did. Yes she helped me get changed but I felt I should have asked Tasha.

Of course when I told Tasha this morning she was ropeable.

Tasha posted a rant about it on our family messages page.

I feel bad for starting a bitch fight between Tash & Jess.

Other then that it has been a ok day cold but dry.


A new day, I slept well more or less awake at 4.10 up at 4.50am shaking bad. In fact around 1am Tim came into the bedroom for something and I opened my eyes and he asked if I was cold as it looked like I was shivering but no I wasn’t cold I was just shaking.

We have been married 37yrs today.

Made Dr appointment to chat about the OT but then decided after re-reading her email that I didn’t feel comfortable with her so didn’t talk to the doc about that, instead I just asked for scripts. I will try another OT.


Up, washed and dressed for the day by 5.15am. Tasha looks worn out she still not sleeping well.

At least Tasha & Jess are ok.

Tash picked up new printer and set it up for me, although when she tried to set up the wireless part it wouldn’t work and she got frustrated and left.

I tried it out and it worked fine. The last printer also had wireless option but I wasn’t able to get it to work either.


Up washed and dressed ready for the day. Tasha managed a good nights sleep 8hrs is good.

Saw Kelli and received a great hug, she told me the trouble they are having trying to find a new place to rent, they have to move as the owner wants the house back. They have only 11 days left to find a place and have already applied for dozens of places.



Good morning everyone welcome to Thursday’s rant, today I am talking about mandatory stuff. Here it is becoming mandatory to be vaccinated against Covid 19 in order to keep a job or go out and do stuff. Tim says it’s blackmail and yeah I get that but it is the way things are now.

I reckon no one likes being told what to do or feeling like they are being forced into doing something, I know I don’t.

However, throughout time many things have suddenly become mandatory. Like the following…………..

In 1973 it became mandatory or compulsory to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

It wasn’t until 1935 that it became mandatory to have to sit a text to get a driver’s license.

It wasn’t till 1969 that it became compulsory to register all births and deaths.

In 1880 it was made mandatory that children aged 6-14 to attend school.

I could go but you get my drift, sometimes new rules/laws come about and often we won’t like being told that now we have to do such and such but in time we will adjust.

Many of the things people would do before it was mandatory but it had to be made mandatory for the better of all.

Most people don’t think twice about getting their children vaccinated, don’t say that those vaccines have been around a long time because that wasn’t always the case.

Like it or not this is life now.


Dirty Face

Shel SilversteinBy Shel Silverstein More Shel Silverstein

Where did you get such a dirty face,
My darling dirty-faced child?
I got it from crawling along in the dirt
And biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.
I got it from chewing the roots of a rose
And digging for clams in the yard with my nose.
I got it from peeking into a dark cave
And painting myself like a Navajo brave.
I got it from playing with coal in the bin
And signing my name in cement with my chin.
I got if from rolling around on the rug
And giving the horrible dog a big hug.
I got it from finding a lost silver mine
And eating sweet blackberries right off the vine.
I got it from ice cream and wrestling and tears
And from having more fun than you’ve had in years.



Hello world a pretty cool start to the day and it is an extreme creature day. This week we have the wandering albatross.

This bird has the longest wingspan of any bird, more then 3 metres, think the width of a bus. With such long wings this bird can fly like a plane, gliding for hours without flapping its wings once.

As an adult they weight around 7kg are about 135cm’s and live for 60+ years.


Hello Monday, ya going to be a warm one again…………..


Well ya all want some facts, so here they are…………..

You know that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in America but did you know that every time the stones name is mentioned in the film the scene had to be filmed twice once for the philosopher’s stone and again for the sorcerer’s stone

The bagpipe was originally made from the whole skin of a dead sheep.

The poison arrow frog has enough poison in its body to kill about 2,2000 people.

Earth is slowing down in a few million years we won’t have need for a leap year because one orbit will be exactly 365 days.

One-quarter of the brain is used to control the eyes.


Slept in to 6am which was a surprise, I was shaking a bloody lot but still managed on my own to wash and dress and got my own breaky.

Other then blogging I am doing nothing today.

A hot day.

20th anniversary of 911


Awake and up at 4.35, in a great deal of pain had to get Tasha to rub Deep Heat into both knees, both upper arms and my right ankle.

My pain has been so so till 1pm when it increased.

Been a hot day, 30 degrees is hot for me. Hot enough to have air con on for a bit to cool down the house.


Had a decent enough night, although just after I went to lay down and listen to my book, the house phone rang but I don’t have a house phone in the bedroom so unable to answer it. Then my mobile rang, I tried to answer it but failed. I ended up thinking if it is important whoever was ringing would ring one of the girls.

Turned out it was Sandy who rang, she needed a hug and a shoulder to cry on.


Woke up to rain and cold after warm and hot days.

Tim up and left for work by 7.30am which feels strange as he usually works afternoons.

I went to get the vacuum cleaner and decided to check Leo’s room for empty cans and dirty plates, which there were some. I dropped a can which had something in it, so I went to get a dirty towel from the bathroom to clean it up while leaving the bathroom I stepped back lost my balance and fell over. I wasn’t able to get up but was able to crawl into the bathroom for the phone to call Tasha. As I wasn’t hurt I did briefly consider sitting there till Leo arrive but decided against it.

Tasha then went off her head at me for cleaning up Leo’s room as he should do it. I told her not to go off at Leo as he tells me all the time not to clean his room just tell him to do it. Which he did when he arrived.


Up and showered, I have a dentist appointment at 10am.

Denni’s 9th birthday sent her a birthday text.

Had appointment and they removed the tooth or what was left of it and it was something of a bitch to get out. Cost was $336.

All right this afternoon till the numbing wore off, then a shit load of pain, paracetamol did jack shit.

Oh well tomorrow should be better.


Had an ok night after I settled down but it took a while, found blood on my shirt so into the wash it went. The pain is there but not bad.

Leo arrived in a happy playful mood, we joked and laughed, and he showed me so YouTube clips that were funny but weird but that’s Leo.


Slept in to 5.15am rang Tash straight away and she was walking into the bathroom in a minute. That was a shock as she isn’t that quick usually.

Tim let early for work again, last night he arranged to meet up with Kathy & Summer while on a run this arvo. However, late last night Michael got a text saying someone he works with tested positive for Covid so now they have to stay home till both get negative results. So she isn’t able to meet her dad today.

Last day of term 3 no school for 2 weeks.