Hello everyone here we are at another Monday and that means it’s time for some facts about Australia and this we are looking at the state of Victoria.

Victoria is a state in southeast Australia. It encompasses mountains, national parks, wineries and surfing beaches. Melbourne, the state capital, has a warren of 19th-century ‘laneways’, and a central arts precinct. The Great Ocean Road follows the coast west to Port Campbell National Park, where the Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks on the edge of the ocean.

It is the second-smallest state, with a land area of 227,444 km2(87,817 sq mi); the second-most-populated state (after New South Wales), with a population of over 6.6 million; and the most densely populated state in Australia (29 per km2)

Victoria was the first state to have a flag. It was first flown in 1870 but dates back to 1865. As with all Australian state flags the Union Jack appears in the top-left corner of the Victorian flag. The Victorian badge, which appears alongside the Union Jack, features the five white stars of the Southern Cross below St Edward’s Crown.

Victoria was the second Australian state to have a Coat of Arms after King George V gave his permission in 1910. The Victorian Coat of Arms is a blue shield picturing the five silver stars of the Southern Cross constellation. A Kangaroo holding a gold crown is depicted behind silver and blue twists(the colours of Victoria).

Victoria has four emblems: the floral emblem, bird emblem, animal emblem and marine emblem.

The floral emblem of Victoria was named as the Pink Common Heath in 1958. Victoria was the first Australian state to officially recognise a floral emblem.

The bird emblem of Victoria is the Helmeted Honeyeater. The Helmeted Honeyeater is one of 170 species of the honeyeater birds that inhabit Australia.

The animal emblem of Victoria is the Leadbeater’s Possum. The possum is an endangered marsupial that was thought to be extinct from 1909 until 1961 when it was rediscovered.

The marine emblem of Victoria is the Common Seadragon. The sea creature is delicate and graceful, perfectly depicting the seagrass that it inhabits.


WEEK 10 O F 2023

Up at my usual time 5.10am, I’m feeling fine this morning I slept pretty much straight through the night, got up at 12.30 to pee but settled straight back down.

A hot day but no air con as Tim doesn’t think it is hot enough. At around 1pm Micheal and Kathy with Summer came over so Michael could help install the new security camera’s.

Kathy also went and helped Tasha with her assignment there were words she didn’t understand and Kathy is the smart one in the family now days.

Up at 4.45am and found that Tim left stuff all over the kitchen bench which pissed me off and I had to unpack the dishwasher. I am sneezing a bloody lot and have a slight headache. The computer is driving me mad this morning, damn it would drive any sane person mad.

Tim has gone for a nerve test on his arm.

Also got the small ramp mat at the front door.

Jess is getting a window air con installed in Sam’s bedroom.

A very warm morning at 5am and there is a warm wind.

I managed to spill milk all over the floor and managed to mop it up without falling ass over head.

Looks like Tasha has a fractured groin. This is what it looks like to those doing her ultrasound, one look had the technician going to find the doctor to have a look, who said it is a deep fracture. This is not good.

Turned the air con on at 9am I was expecting Tim to winge but he didn’t maybe because he stepped outside and felt how hot the wind was.

The heat is making me feel ill.

Had a so so night caused by my body shaking after going to the loo at midnight. Then again at 4am when I to the loo again, so at 4.50am I gave up and got out of bed for the day.

Had workmen come and check the roof for leaks and found some cracked tiles which they repaired. They also found a dead rat in the cage Tim had put in the ceiling.

Sandy called in this arvo she has found a house only a 10 minute walk from me. She was so happy and excited about getting a place.

Been another bloody hot day.

A much cooler morning this morning but it will heat up during the day.

Sandy turned up at 8.30am and left around 1pm, she spent most of the time on the phone sorting out her bond and 2 weeks in advance rent payment, as it all has to be paid on Monday. She should get the keys on Tuesday.

I have a shit load of back pain today.

Tim up at 4am and I was up by 4.50am with Tim being up I can’t listen to my audio book.

While I was waiting with Sam this morning the cow in unit 14 pulled into the driveway and gave me a dirty look. Yesterday she swerved towards Tasha’s lawn where Tasha was standing.

I am not feeling good I even went for a lay down for an hour or so it helped with the headache but I still don’t feel good.

I am going back to bed and hope tomorrow I feel better.

Had a decent enough sleep woke with no headache and feeling better then yesterday. I was up at 5am as per usual.

After 3hrs working on the computer it started to freeze so had to reboot.

Saw Sandy and Denni this morning for a couple of hours.

Another bloody hot day, Tim has been cleaning out his shed and taking stuff up the front for Monday’s bulk kerbside collection. I think he is doing too much but he can’t be told.


Here we are at Friday and that’s Jo-Anne’s thoughts and this week I am thinking about yoghurt. I like yoghurt but not Greek yoghurt and not a big fan of chunky yoghurt as in yoghurt with a lot of fruit in it. When I say Greek yoghurt I mean plain Greek style yoghurt, I have tried it but no I will pass on that.

Back when I was a child yoghurt wasn’t common place in our household. I don’t know how common it was in general here in Australia as I was a child, your know.

As an adult I started buying yoghurt and liked the smooth creamy taste of what I was buying, but when yoghurt with real fruit pieces in it came about I tried it and found some brands ok not to much fruit but other brands had far too much fruit in it and that I didn’t like.

Many years ago my daughter bought me a yoghurt making kit were you add water to a powder mix and sit it in the container with hot water overnight. I used it a lot over the years but not anymore as it got tossed in the clean out late last year.

I like different flavours, Tim is a strawberry flavoured fan it is his go to flavour.


Here we are at word of the week this weeks word is:GOGGLE not to confused with Google, just saying.

Goggle means to look with wide-opened eyes being rolled or projecting rolled eyes. Another meaning is what they call spectacles for protecting eyes.


Here we are again at another Tuesday which is creature day an this weeks creature is the Tufted Deer.

It was named for the distinctive patch of coarse hair on its forehead, which often hides its small antlers. It is by far the scariest looking deer with its oversized protruding canine teeth that look like fangs.

Males use their 2.5cm long tusks during mating season to fend of rivals. When threatened or startled they also bark loudly, they can also take flight moving with rabbit-like jumps and flashing the white underside of its tail. This can confuse predators long enough to escape.

It can be found in high altitude forest regions in north-eastern Myanmar (once called Butma) and Southern & Central China.


Good morning Monday a day for some facts about this country I live in, Australia. This week I have five facts about the Australian Capital Territory or ACT as it is known.

The Australian Capital Territory houses Canberra, Australia’s capital, built between Sydney and Melbourne in the early 20th century. The federal district’s forest, farmland and nature reserves earn Canberra its nickname, the “Bush Capital.” The city’s focal point is Lake Burley Griffin, filled with sailboats and kayaks. On opposite shores are the grand Australian War Memorial and the massive, strikingly modern Parliament House.

The ACT has two emblems: the faunal emblem and the floral emblem. The faunal emblem of the ACT is the Gang-Gang Cockatoo. It was adopted on 27 February 1997. Canberra is the only city in the whole of Australia where these grey cockatoos live.

The history of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as a separate administrative division began in 1911, when it was transferred from New South Wales to the Australian federal government. The territory contains Australia’s capital city Canberra and various smaller settlements.

The ACT is 2,358 square kilometres, it has a population of 431,215 as of 2020

The Australian constitution mandated establishing such a capital territory. The site was chosen in 1908, construction began in 1911, and parliament moved from the temporary capital, Melbourne, into the first Parliament House in 1927.

WEEK 9 OF 2023

Sunday again another nice cool morning, I found on my table a heap of address labels Tim has prepared for me. Also on the kitchen bench was a meat tenderiser doesn’t seem big enough to be mine but I could be wrong. Yes I was wrong.

It is a pretty hot day.

This afternoon Jess had a visit from her childhood friend Mary-Anne and she came over here to say hello. I recognised her she hasn’t changed. They use to live in unit 7 where Tasha is now.

The start of another school week, I have been up since 5.10am again it is nice this morning with the doors opened and a breeze coming through. There is the feel of rain in the air. No rain happened

Sandy came over in a right state she said she hadn’t stopped crying all morning. She spent an hour at the cemetery talking to mum & dad before coming here. All I could do is hug her and listen.

She really needs out of that house.

The last day of February and going to be another hot one. On the 24th my great-niece Thea, was born weighing 3.2kilos I am on happy and excited Aunty.

Youi (CTP) mob have given permission for Tim’s surgery hopefully he won’t have to wait long.

Managed to get through the day without the air con being on.

Well it’s the first of March already another nice cool morning going to be a pretty warm/hot day. Had to turn the air conad on at midday.

Had a good talk to Kathy this morning about my mum’s childhood and how she lived with her grandma till she was 14. Also how her mum left her father when mum was only 4yrs old which is when she went to live with her grandma. Nan left with 3 children the youngest a babe in arms and a suitcase of clothes.

Going to shower myself this afternoon as I stink.

I slept well till 4.20 when I felt like peeing but managed to stay in bed till 5am. Had to ring Sam four times before he answered this morning.

A cool morning but a hot afternoon.

Tasha went and got another ear piecing with the money we gave her for her birthday. She also finally saw a doctor about her back and hip pain. He has sent her for an Xray and ultrasound but thinks it is ligament damage. Only taken months for her to admit she needed to see a doctor.

A bloody early start up at 4.30am due to feeling restless and needing to pee.

Not sure if Sam is going to school as I know he has an appointment but don’t know what time that is. Yes Sam went to school, Papa picked him up at midday fr his appointment.

Did my online shop for delivery on Tuesday as it is only $2 for delivery for midweek deliveries.

Tim will need to go to Coles over the weekend to pick up a few things as we are out of milk and Pepsi Max.

As I am home alone I will put myself to bed, which is easier said then done.

Slept in this morning as no grocery delivery this morning, I got up at 6.20am. I was surprised at the time, as I went to the loo at 4am and didn’t expect to go back to sleep but I did.

While writing this diary entry it started to rain but only a shower didn’t last long.

Started to feel worn out by 11am after doing bugga all.

Kathy came and showered me and changed the sheets, she looked and sounded very tired.


Hello everyone let’s talk about cheese, I like cheese but not fancy expensive cheese that I don’t like. I like Tasty Cheese, Colby, Edam, Swiss, Jarlsberg and Cheddar to name a few I will also eat processed cheese which to me is not real cheese. It is, however, Tim’s favourite type of cheese. He doesn’t like it when I say it’s not 100% real cheese.

Processed cheese is a food product made from cheese and unfermented dairy ingredients mixed with emulsifiers. Additional ingredients, such as vegetable oils, salt, food colouring, or sugar may be included. As a result, many flavors, colours, and textures of processed cheese exist.

So what type of cheese do you like, if any.