Hello Friday what a cool start too the day, Friday is the day for my thoughts and what are my thoughts this day, I don’t know let me think for a bit.

Ok let’s talk about bread as in what type of bread do you like?

There are many different types of bread now days around a pond a time there was little to no choice. In fact now days there are over 200 different types of bread around the world. Here in Australia there are around a dozen different types mainly bought.

Once here in Australia a type of bread called damper was common place, not so much now days except around Australia Day. Damper is a thick soda bread usually round in shape.

I am boring and like plain white bread or raisin or fruit loaf but really don’t like sourdough bread and yes I have tried it. When I was a child my Nan use to get brown bread which I ate but didn’t like much.

Google tells me that Egyptians eat the most bread in the world which I did not know.


3 thoughts on “JO-ANNE’S THPUGHTS

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Guess, bread being it flat bread or whatever variety is one of human’s most simple form of food for thousands of years. Guess together with soup it formed the main staple for survival.
    Now we eat bread more for its taste and only that what we’re fond of…

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