WEEK 2 OF 2023


Up early this morning 5.05am another cool morning.

Leo liked his gifts, a couple of bracelets I bought of wish for a grandson. Leo is a sensitive and sentimental child.

Saw Sandy she is very emotional at the moment and over Ed’s drinking.

Monday has arrived I had just got up at 5.20 and was walking to the lounge-room to get my walker when I heard the front door open and in comes Leo. He came to get something out of his room, he said he hasn’t been to bed but stayed up all night.

Not too hot thankfully was able to cope with just the doors open and fan on.

Tim off to see the hand doctor hopefully he will find out why he can’t move his thumb. I suspect ligament damage.

Well I was right about Tim’s thumb he may need more surgery he will find out on the 24th.

Workmen arrived at 9am to do the kitchen roof will take at least all day but it shouldn’t leak anymore.

Another very warm day with me sweating a fair bit.

Got up at 5.20am even though I still felt tired, I was unable to settle so I got up.

Workmen here at 8am they have been in and out all day, tearing down what’s left of the awning out the back. They also did a bit more in the kitchen.

Tim had another appointment with his counsellor he has been approved for 3 more sessions, due to his accident.

Tasha gave me a shower because I stink.

A new day nice and cool but it will get hotter as the day wears on.

Sandy called in and left with a bag of food, she is doing it tough at the moment.

Tim arranged for someone to do the back lawn. Only cost $35 as it was a friend of a neighbour.

Blain asked if I have a gift card he can use to buy a microwave oven which I did he is sick of having to come here to use ours. His mother things they are a waste of money, even though she will come down and use ours at times.

Jess getting me ready for bed tonight she worked all day doing traffic control.

Friday at last, I spent yesterday thinking it was Friday. Found Tim up watching TV but he went back to bed at 6am while I was having breaky.

Had a call from someone about the bathroom, informed the guy the bathroom is done. He then asked about the ramp which isn’t done and said he would be out to have a look.

Every Friday the is an issue with who is getting me ready for bed. Tasha doesn’t do weekends but I said Friday isn’t the weekend. She likes her weekend to start Friday arvo.

Saturday morning and Tim was up before me again, I have a damn headache, which is making me snappy.

Last night Tim said his computer died so he bought himself a new laptop. However, when Micheal came over with Kathy it took him 5 minutes to fix it. He unplugged it and plugged it back in and it works. I had to help him set up the new laptop an exercise in stress as he doesn’t listen and doesn’t read the instructions.

Kathy showered me while Sydney divided up my fruit for the week and Summer vacuumed out.


One thought on “WEEK 2 OF 2023

  1. Dearest Jo–Anne,
    Hard to believe that already two weeks of 2023 are GONE!
    You sure have to deal with the kitchen and roof issues for many months—aggravating.
    And poor Tim for having those issues with his thumb—sad for ending up like that because of a reckless driver.
    Wishing you a better 3rd week!

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