WEEK 51 OF 2022

Here we are at another Sunday, had a painful night with my right thigh. I managed to get out of bed on my own this morning. Tasha and Tim took the microwave into the kitchen.

A wet day for most of the day and kinda cold as well not December weather at all.

Managed to put a few things away in the kitchen but a bloody lot more to do. I asked Kathy if she could come and help, she said she can on Wednesday.

Jess putting me to bed.

Had a better night up at 5.15 my thigh is still painful as well as my left knee. Tim is up early 6am complaining he is cold. Another cold and wet day.

Kelli and Sam came and hung photos and Tim hung the Christmas cards for me so I am feeling happier.

Kelli came and gave my leg a good massage.

Saw Sandy and Denni, Temika stayed in the car.

Had a bit of a sleep in getting up at 5.50am, Tim also got up to pee so was able to help me change my pants. I am wearing long pants in bloody December.

Asked Tasha to help put stuff back in the kitchen after an argument and her slamming things around she did it. I tossed out a lot of stuff.

Sandra called in and took some of the containers I no longer want.

Woke in another mood like I did yesterday as I was dropping stuff and shaking a lot.

My mood improved during the day, Kathy arrived around midday to colour Tasha’s hair and help us with the house. She put some of the glasses away.

Tim went to see the GP to have how he is healing assessed all is going well.

Slept better didn’t wake in a mood which is good. Had only cheese and crackers for breaky till Tasha arrives with Macca’s.

I managed to do the food shopping without issue.

I am, however, drenched in sweat which makes going to the toilet bloody difficult.

Jono’s birthday he is 35 today.

Another decent night up and washed ready for the day. I am looking forward to a late lunch at Dave’s with the siblings.

Jessica came and helped my dress for lunch and get me into the car which was a task and a half.

Lunch was great, Jeannie was a no show and Temika didn’t want to go so she went to a mates instead.

Sandy and Denni decided to stay the night at Dave’s.

Jessica came and got me ready for bed.


May have gone to bed much later then usual but was still up by 5.20am. Had to ring Tasha as Tim left my walker in the car and I needed it.

Sandy brought over my Christmas present a non slip lap table which I will use a lot.

While she was here her and Tasha sorted out the kitchen and she helped Tim bring out the chairs for the dinning table.

Later Kathy arrived and vacuumed and showered me.


5 thoughts on “WEEK 51 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    We are going through a freeze period and that for two more nights.
    Have been in bed most of the time due to my Hyperkalemia. Not fun as I had to vomit even from drinking water… Sure shows me that I still have to be stricter with my food—no high potassium levels. My kidneys are that far down at 25% that I no longer can handle that. Feeling nauseating all day is no fun. Glad that I’m past that stage…

    1. Jo-Anne, this was for sure not meant as a kick in the ass…!
      Just ate a cup of low sodium chicken soup with pasta and that tells that my body is recovering. Slept very deep and that for a nap. Need to get moving, still lots of things to do…

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