WEEK 49 OF 2022

Sunday now and I spent 3hrs working on the family calendars only to discover I stuffed up will try again tomorrow.

Tasha went to see her dad and I rang and spoke to him.

Saw Kelli and kids.

This morning I am going to work on the calendars again this time I will go through Snapfish fingers cross it doesn’t take too long. So no blogging today and maybe tomorrow I will work on Christmas cards.

Had a so so nights sleep got up at 5.15am in pain and needing to pee.

I feel like shit today did another Covid test still negative.

Spoke to Tim today he is hoping to come home on Friday.

Another day has arrived going to be another hotish day.

Last night before she put me to bed Tasha applied some magnesium oil to my legs and it worked great on my thigh and good on the knees.

Tim rang Tasha and said he might be coming home today.

Yes Tim came home at 2.30 he is doing so so.

Kelli walked in around 7.30am she drove her niece Issy to work and has gone to Jess’s for a nap.

Tasha said she can’t take Tim down to his appointment with the cops at Belmont. So he said he will drive himself. Which he did the chargers against the other driver have been upgraded to include grievous bodily harm (GBH). The first thing the cop told Tim was that he wasn’t at fault.

Had a good night last night it was MAD night which stands for Music Arts and Drama, Sydney-May (granddaughter) was the opening act. I wish I was able to go and see her preform.

Tim has an appointment for a MRI tonight at 7.30pm at the John Hunter Hospital.

A much cooler day today, not like summer at all.

The weekend has arrived but everyday is pretty much the same for me.

Took me a while but managed to undo some stuff up with Chrome.

Managed to do another 6 letters with Christmas cards with the help of Tasha and Kathy, still more to do. Summer walked down and posted some for me.

I hope to be on top of things my Monday.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 49 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    So happy to read that Tim is home with you!
    He no doubt is not out of pain and to think that his is all caused by a reckless driver breaks one’s heart!
    Grievous Bodily Harm indeed and that can not be compensated…
    Wishing him a speedy recovery, as fast as his age allows for that.
    I never forget when I had my double closed (!) pelvic bone fracture and the orthopedic surgeon said rather stern that for THREE months I was not allowed to walk without crutches, or to lift or do anything that might cause those broken bones to shift. With kids it heals fast he said—but at YOUR age… Well, I said THANK YOU! That verdict hit me real hard and yes, I do understand that as we age, we heal a lot slower and we have to be extra careful. Not always easy though!
    Wishing Time good luck in living through all this.
    And you as well as he cannot lift you or be of much support for quite a while…
    Life is not easy and when we consider what others can cause us to live through it makes us cringe.
    Big hugs,

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