WEEK 48 OF 2022

Woke up in pain again but manage to wash and prepare myself for the day. I unpacked the dishwasher and prepared my own breaky.

Tasha is in a right mood and is posting nasty sounding messages on the family chat. She doesn’t want me involved but I am. I feel like I am just one big burden and feel like just walking away from everything and everyone. She is in a bad place and is taking it out on everyone.

Tim feels like she hates him and I don’t know what to do. I am so worried about him. Tasha has it in her mind that he kicked her out of home because she said she was a lesbian I don’t remember this happening.

Woke to a stream of texts on the family chat about how Tasha feels like she is left to do everything with no help. I was given advance notice of the tirade that was coming and told to not comment and try to stay out of it.

Sandy came over to see me and make a phone call in private without husband or children listening.

Another day and it is Tuesday I forgot that yesterday was Monday. So I did not do a blog post.

A hot day with me dripping sweat and feeling like everything is an effort.

Jessica’s shift for traffic work has been cancelled for this week, she hopes something else pops up work wise. Because she isn’t working she told Tasha she will put me to bed.

My knee pain is now in both knees which sucks.

Last day of November and last day of Spring, I wonder what the weather will be like. I struggled to get up this morning dragged myself out of bed at 6am, Kathy rings around 6.30ish.

Managed to do a couple of letters with Christmas card. I have felt worn out all day.

Start of a new month but not a good start I woken last night at I think 11 something by Jess who told me Tim had been in an accident but was ok, hurt but ok and that she was going to the hospital.

I then cried and prayed on returning home Jess came and told me more. He has a broken wrist, a broken clavicle and some bruise and broken ribs. He will have surgery sometime today.

Tasha and Jess went over to the hospital to check on him and take some clothes over.

Tasha told me it was a head on collision and he went over the bonnet of the car.

I feel numb like I did when Dad died.

Had a shit night kept waking up and reaching for Tim this is unusual for me, mostly I feel numb.

Sandy came took me to see Tim which helped he was confused at times and not sure where he was.

We have no idea where his bike is Sandy rang the police and asked but it wasn’t noted in the report but would try and find out.

Kathy has been in contact with a child who has Covid and is waiting on her results.

Had a better nights sleep woke at 6.10am and was surprised to get a phone call from Kathy she has Covid and cannot go to see her dad, this has upset her a lot.

Tim being operated on this afternoon sometime.

Tasha is still in a shitload of pain.


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