WEEK 47 OF 2022

Sunday is here and so am I awake washed and dressed for the day.

Tim is very upset and depressed he was chatting with Sam (Leo) last night and said something about gay people going to hell unless they repent and ask forgiveness. He seems to think being gay is a choice, it is not it is the way God made you. In my opinion. Sam cracked the shits and left, Jess came over spoke to Tim what was said I do not know but now he thinks they hate him they don’t they are annoyed and also hurt.

Sam came over this afternoon he said he doesn’t hate Papa but is annoyed with him.

The start of another working week, hope it is a good one. I am still worried about Tim he feels like a failure as a dad and grandfather.

Before he left for school Sam gave him a big hug and said he didn’t hate him.

Been a good day, very warm and a bit windy.

Tasha was telling us a bit about the course she is doing she wants to be a personal trainer. It is a hard course and she has a learning difficulty but she will give it her best shot.

It’s my cousin Ashley’s funeral today both Tim and I are going. The funeral went ok a lot of people I didn’t know but my siblings were there except Sue.

Tim decided to start prepping a wall ready to be painted.

I slept well and woke feeling good except for my nose which is still running.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Jessica quit her job driving special needs kids to and from school the job was depressing her. She still has her traffic controller job which pays better.

A pretty good day, Tim had a doctors appointment so left early for that then work.

Had a bit of a rough night waking often ended up getting up at 5.10am.

A good morning not much pain and able to sit and do some stuff at the computer desk. Including the weekly shopping.

Anther very warm day.

Kelli called in just to say hi and get a hug.

Woke up shaking as per usual up at 5am with a bursting bladder figuratively not literally because that would be gross. I was also drenched in sweat.

Jess wrote out her work schedule for the next week, she quit her job driving the special needs kids ti and from school but is working 4 days next week for the same company doing hire car work.

I am in a bloody lot of pain today.

Had a decent night woke drenched in sweat, have to wear lose fitting long pants as no clean shorts.

A lazy day for me as no motivation at all. Kathy came and gave me a good shower and shaved my legs.

Tim did a bit of running around the shops and gave the wall he is painting another coat.


3 thoughts on “WEEK 47 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    It is never easy with an expending family to understand and to accept all included.
    You were right in your opinion—God created some people that are different and even in nature, there is also a small percentage.
    We cannot control others how they ought to feel and live… We only can pray for their wellbeing!

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