WEEK 46 OF 2022

Sunday today and Kathy is coming to shower me before we leave for Sydney ready for my appointment tomorrow.

What a trip down to Sydney or do we go up to Sydney I don’t know. What I do know is that due to an accident traffic was moving slowly at times.

The motel is nice I can get in and out of the bed and it has a disable shower also good.

Day of my appointment, Tim is tired and in a mood. I wanted him to get up, pack up and go get breakfast. That didn’t happen.

The appointment went well I was in a room with a dozen or so doctors. I had to walk, stand, move my arms and head. Afterwards I was filmed doing the same stuff for the Dr’s records. I have been prescribed another medication to try it is one used for Parkinson’s I hope it helps.

We stopped for food on the way home.

Tuesday now and I slept straight threw the night waking at 5am up at 5.10am.

Mine and Kelli’s Chrisco arrived at the same time, as the boxes were left outside I was lucky that Jessica was able to carry them inside for me. There is only 4 boxes all grog. I will sort it out later.

Tasha coming down to give me a good shower before bed.

She also wished me happy birthday for tomorrow in case she forgets tomorrow.

Today I turn 60 and this morning I feel good not like 60 or older more like 40.

First message from Sandy wishing me happy birthday. Kathy and the girls wished me happy birthday. I received many birthday wishes.

Kelli arrived at 9ish she took me to have a pedicure and then to lunch at Warners at Bay. Lunch was great but it went through me causing diarrhoea.

Sandy & Ed turned up and gave me gifts from Jeannie as well as from them. Body lotion and face cream as well as foundation. Jeannie gave me stuff I gave her last Christmas which doesn’t bother me at all.

A new day after a good nights sleep, Tim off to work early before 7am.

My computer is faster then yesterday when it was in go slow mode.

Managed to do the food shop without issue.

Sue turn up around midday to give me a birthday present, of ¾ pants and 2 tops.

Another good night, I am getting use to these nights. Kathy sounded tired and distracted this morning, so only a short chat.

Last night Sam (Leo) hung up the birthday cards I received over the curtain rod at the front sliding door. He also found my box of Christmas cards, so I will make a start on them.

Jess & Tasha bought me some chocolate muffins as well as something else that I can’t remember the name of. Most of them I have frozen and will take out what I want when I want it.

The weekend has arrived at last and all is good with me if not the world which is in a shit state.

Shopping came early and I left it for Tim to unpack.

Kathy came to shower me as I had only 10 mins to go on the program I was watching, I said I would finishing watching it while she cut up my fruit and vacuum. Well Sydney did the fruit and she showed no sign of vacuuming, instead she says she can come back tomorrow to shower me. For some reason this flicked a switch in me and I snapped “get fucked” this of course started more problems and comments about me being rude. She did still shower me.


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