WEEK 45 OF 2022

Sunday morning and it is quite cool but I was drenched in sweat so opened the front door.

Tim gets up while I am eating breaky and wanted to turn the ceiling light off, to save money I told him I need light to eat.

Tim stuffed up at work he got the date of my appointment wrong he found he was off tomorrow not the 14th, thankfully he was able to fix it.

He also messaged me to say someone is coming for recliner.

Monday has rolled around again and as per usual I am up, washed and ready for my day.

No one came about the armchair. However, someone should be here late this afternoon. Since I will be laying down Tim has taken the chair outside near the front door so whoever comes can just take it.

The armchair is gone. Got a text to say Ashley’s funeral is on the 22nd at a chapel in Glendale.

I am starting to be able to sit longer at the computer without stinging pain in my knee. If only I could sit and stand without effort

Had another good night and this morning I feel more like me, however Kathy sounded depressed and didn’t want to talk, which is ok with me I am here if she wants to talk about whatever is upsetting her.

Tim had another appointment with the work counsellor he said it is going well.

Slept well, woke feeling good managed to wash and dress myself before getting breaky.

Tasha drove me to the doctors to get the results of my knee Xrays, I have bad arthritis, like I didn’t already know that.

She then took me with her when she went to a health store which is a cross from a pie shop so she bought me a vanilla slice and caramel slice. I even managed to get in and out of the car on my own.

Two electricians turn up one for the light in the dinning room and one for the smoke detector.

A good start to the day, washed and dressed myself made my breaky spoke to Kathy on the phone like I do every morning.

This morning I rang Leo at least 6 times he didn’t answer at all. I ended up texting his mum letting her know what was what.

Had someone come and take measurements in the kitchen,the work should start in 3 weeks time. Told Tasha she made some negative comment, about believing it when she sees it.

Tasha also told me she is thinking about training to be a personal trainer. If that is what she wants to do it is cool with me.

The weekend is here again and Tim is working this Saturday as tomorrow we are going to Sydney ready for my appointment on Monday at 8.30am.

I even managed to unpack the shopping slowly and with a couple of breaks but I got it done.


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