WEEK 44 OF 2022

Had a rough night had to wake Tim to help me.

Also had to wake him at 6.30 to get ready for work and I needed his help with breakfast.

Had shopping delivered and the bloke took them into the kitchen for me.

Late trying to unpack the cold stuff I dropped my drink spilling a heap of it and when I tried to clean it up I stumbled and fell against hallway wall.

At 1ish Kelli and kids turned up she brought lunch KFC and shaved my legs before putting me to bed.


Tasha took me to have Xray’s done not an easy thing to do.

Spent a good half hour writing today’s blog post only to lose it when I hit save. So no post today.

A cold and wet morning, Kathy and I talked about how alike we are.

I am in a much better mood this morning.

My mood is good my motivation is near enough dead.

Had another good night awake an up at 5.30, I thought it was later.

Managed to write a blog post about how slack I have been.

Feeling good enough to have a shower.

A bloody cold morning, I feel like putting the heater on but I won’t.

Sandy called in to see me she is having a bad week but it was great to see her. She was here for 45 mins.

A bloody good night woke feeling like shit as in headache and body aches.

Managed to do food shopping without a problem.

Tim at last as made a start on fixing Leo’s room, I’m not expecting him to do much but we will see.

Had a good night had to wake Tim to help me with something, something I asked him to do last night but he didn’t.

Kathy and family turned up around 2ish and she gave me a lovely shower. Micheal helped Tim carry the dinning room table and one of the benches out from Leo’s room.

I am still trying to get him to clean his room.


3 thoughts on “WEEK 44 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    There sure was a. lot of action—considering your condition!
    One never can predict any day nor week—coming our way.
    The long ahead scheduling is off limits for most of us at our age.
    But we surely can be grateful for each given day and treasure the little joys it still brings!

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