Well hello everyone, I have been a bit slack here recently on Monday I wrote the post hit save and lost the lot. My back was aching an my knee stinging and I just bugga this I am done.

Yesterday my internet kept dropping out so not much blogging.

Also yesterday was Melbourne Cup day and for the first time in decades not since I was in my early 20’s, I listened to the race. From the age of 13 I would go into work with my Nana, she was a cleaner of an office building. I would help with dusting and such, they were great times me and nana time. I did this till I was having Kathy.

Today is Wednesday and my body is awake and my brain isn’t. Spoke to Kathy as usual she was complaining of bags under her eyes, so I asked if I have such bags, she said she didn’t know.

FYI: I don’t

Well not much……..


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