Well here we are at Tuesday and this week’s extreme creature is the Double Drummer, any idea what it is?

Well it is a Cicada, now we all know that cicada’s are loud but the double drummer is one of the noisiest. Once it gets going, it can produce a song that’s louder than a jackhammer!

They make their sound in their abdomen by vibrating a membrane extremely quickly, only the male sing.

The double drummer, is the largest Australian species of cicada and reputedly the loudest insect in the world. Documented by the Danish zoologist Johan Christian Fabricius in 1803, it was the first described and named cicada native to Australia.



  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    WOW, what a name—Double Drummer!
    When we biked this afternoon we still heard some very loud Cicadas in the wooded areas. We were surprised, even though today was still 28°C but last week it was near freezing at night due to a cold front coming from the North.
    And then they live underground for some 17 years—mysterious critters!

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