I just realised today is Monday and such fact day so here are some facts.

During the great plague of Europe the Pope at the time made it law to say “God bless you” to anyone who sneezed.

A “coward” was originally a boy who took care of cows.

As far back as the 6th Century it was customary to congratulate people who sneezed because it was thought that they were expelling evil from their body.

A person who collects postcards is called a “deltiologist” so I am a deltiologist.

There are 38 Bibles sold or distributed around every minute, this is down from 47 in 2002.


3 thoughts on “FACTS

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Well the sneezing has different meanings in different times and different cultures.
    Like you, my Mom was an avid deltiologist.
    She had quite a collection from all over the world and Pieter and I helped her on many—always thinking about her, wherever we went.
    A Jewish friend also donated his entire collection to her and that made her oh so happy.
    Wonder where they are now since Mom died on January 27, 2015…

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