WEEK 18 OF 2022

Had a rough start to the night couldn’t settle for ages only dozing on and off for hours. I was rightly pissed off with Tim and his “just settle down will you” attitude.

Kathy arrived around 10.30 on her own. Sydney-May is at a friends and Summer is at home with her dad.

She gave me and shave a shower and dressed me in what I will wear tomorrow, which I will sleep in.

Saw Kelli and Issy this afternoon along with Jess after Kel dropped off Blain. Kelli put me to bed.

Start of a new week and as of yesterday afternoon Leo isn’t going to school due to his driver having Covid and no one to take over the run. It may change in the next couple of hours, we will see. It didn’t change.

Jess took Leo to EB Games to spend the $150 he had in gift cards.

I had a good day managed to stay out of bed for an extra hour before going and listening to my book.

It is Tuesday and I had a good nights sleep waking at 5.15 this morning.

Leo really wants to go to school so Papa is going to drive him and Tasha will pick him up this arvo.

Tasha didn’t feel like she had the time to take me to optometrist so I said ok you call and let them know but she didn’t I got a text from him saying I missed my appointment. Tim rang and told them I was unwell and apologised.

Had another good night although it took me a couple of hours to settle down, once I did I slept for 9hrs.

No school today there is a teachers strike.

Blain going fishing with his dad this is a first hope he has a good time and enjoys it.

Leo spent some time with Emma so he was happy.

Had a decent enough sleep, been awake since 4.11am woke to pee and couldn’t settle after. So got up I had over 6hrs straight sleep.

Leo came down and had some milk before going out somewhere, no idea where he has gone.

Turns out Leo went with his mum while she drives a bunch of old ladies around.

Another good night woke around 10.45 to pee and spent 15 minutes talking to Tim before going back to bed and back to sleep.

Leo has school today as his driver should be good to drive him.

Leo’s driver forgot about him, when we rang he said he had message saying that Leo wasn’t going. Tasha is super pissed as is Jess.

Jess will drive him when she gets home.

Overall a good day.

Had a rough start to last night very unsettled but once I did manage to settle down I slept for between 7-8hrs.

Tim was going to take me out for lunch but Tasha suggested we do it next Saturday when all our girls can go as well, so we are going to do that.

Tim and I drove over to Sandy’s place to drop off some things and then we drove past Mum & Dad’s old house before running Dave then coming home after Tim going to the chemist.

Kathy and the girls arrived around 1pm and she was in a mood but she did vacuumed and shower me and they gave me a Mother’s Day present. A new throw rug to go over my armchair and some hand towels and face washers. Stuff I needed.


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