Hello Tuesday today’s extreme creature isn’t that extreme, it is the Easter Bunny.

He or she has been around a bloody long time and some may have a name for the Easter Bunny but I don’t.

The thing is, the Easter Bunny does not talk. That’s okay because kids usually have a lot to talk about and the Easter Bunny has big ears to listen.

Scientists put the age of the Easter Bunny between 400 and 500 years old. So that means the Easter Bunny was born sometime between 1515 and 1615. Stories about the Easter Bunny began taking shape in the late 1600s.

The care the Easter Bunny takes in hiding the eggs and the decades of continuous work also suggest the Easter Bunny is female. It’s common knowledge that hormones encourage the does, not the bucks, to look after the kids. And the ability to remember holiday dates definitely indicates that the Easter Bunny isn’t male!

According to legend, the Easter Bunny lives on Easter Island, although no one knows exactly where.

Historically, his first stop is Christmas Island. American Samoa is often his last stop.

How is the Easter Bunny related to Jesus?

In short: The Easter Bunny is not related to Jesus at all. At most, they’re both obviously tied to the holiday celebrating the resurrection, and they’re both considered symbols of new life—but the links to one another, essentially, end there.


5 thoughts on “THE EASTER BUNNY

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Sure, story telling has been around for as long as people live on earth.
    Imagination is important for children and for their development.
    Way before people became literate, it was only stories, legends or whatever got carried over from generation to generation.
    Bunnies, especially young ones, are nice soft pets and it is understandable to see how this developed.
    Sure the egg and the bunnies are synonym to fertility…
    Renewal of life, as happens each spring and there you have it.
    We kids did not grow up with Easter bunnies though! Sure in later years we loved the chocolate Easter eggs and nobody turned them away. Funny thing is that they only get sold once a year…

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