WEEK 15 OF 2022

A new day has arrived and it saw me up at 5am feeling awake and with it.

Home alone today as Tim is at work today.

Wrote out blog posts for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s posts.

A warm dry day.

Kelli putting me to bed today.

Managed to sleep in 5.40am and even got up a couple of times during the night to pee.

Tim off work today as there is a bus strike. He has whipper snipped the back yard but can’t re-thread the whipper snipper, so has gone out to Bunnings to ask for help as it is new and the first time he has used it. He got it done and finished the yard.

I spoke to the doctor he said he will email me the referral I need will check that tomorrow.

Woke at 4.50 to pee went back to bed but couldn’t settle so up at 5.20am. Tim also up at 5am as he has an early start.

Tim home by 9am he has a split shift.

One year ago today we lost mum, been a hard day.

Started work on a memory book about me for Leo, I need Tim to get more photos out of the cupboard for me.

Had a so so night was a bit unsettled for a couple of hours but managed to sleep till 5.30am.

A wet start to the day and heavy rain on and off all day.

Tim home by 9.30am another split shift.

Not much to do today with no letters to answer and still waiting for photos to be gotten out of the cupboard.

Slept better last night up at 5.45am, washed and dressed and ready for the day.

Tim is off today as he is working all over Easter.

Managed to get the photos out of the cupboard on my own and finished off Blain’s Nana Memory book. Now Tim just has to go through it and write who is who under each photo.

Tomorrow I will add photos to Leo’s book.

Woke at 5.20 went and peed and decided to stay up.

Saw Leo at 7.15 and got a nice big hug, it felt wonderful.

Decided to add a little more to the memory books so worked on that today.

Jess putting me to bed today, first time I have seen her in a week.

A new day is here a cool day but no rain, slept in what I will wear today as I will have to fend for myself today as Tim is working.

Kathy turned up around 10am and stayed till 12.30, she cleaned, dusted and vacuum out as well as washing down part of the loungeroom walls.

The shopping was scheduled for delivery between 1 & 2pm but when I checked the site at 2.20pm it had changed till between 4 & 5pm, damn I hate afternoon deliveries.

Groceries arrived at 4.15, Jess came to help and got me ready for bed.


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